Updated Youtube Boxing Tier List

JJ Olatunji

6 mil. pregleda3 500

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    1. Elias Berrio

      I can't believe you put Jake Paul in God tier. At first I thought you were joking, but...if you don't put him to should retire....

    2. James Gann

      Until jake Paul beats ksi for now he just meh😅

    3. Sean Malpass

      Jake Paul should retire


      True true

    5. shivansh dubey

      Even though jj won against Logan but by looking at the whole fight logan did better than ksi I wanna see a rematch man

    6. Israel adesanya fan channel

      Aye where my boi lil cra cra at(ree moo)??

    7. StrangeMakes

      What about Nick Ireland?

    8. slasher count

      Gibs a decent

    9. reinhan kharisma

      JJ are you do a training camp?

    10. Harsh Jaiswal


    11. Think Lego

      can i be in a sidemen vidoeo

    12. Aarohan Shikhrakar

      imagine if ksi lost to jake paul

      1. Do Nathan

        Ima still support him

    13. quinnlaw

      where the heck is Nick Ireland? he beat the crap out of DK$

    14. Shayne Jackson

      You forgot faze jarvis

    15. Ash Mohd

      I watched the full 3 hour video of Naz talking about Adam and his madness... It's 3 hours but it's worth the watch... So fucking entertaining 😂

    16. Arunabh Barman

      Where's Mike Tyson my guy!!!!

    17. Julia R. Thomas

      M a s k o f f w e b, are so the best

    18. Julia R. Thomas

      M a s k o f f w e b are so the best

    19. Sudais Khan Vlogs

      14 million subs lets goooo

    20. Jermaine Savory

      I don’t think JJ will ever be able to beat Jake Paul

      1. Radar


    21. Ksi you can beat jake just keep practicing keep doing good on youtube

    22. Mannat

      I’m surprised you think that jake is better then you

      1. DecHead 07

        Mad that ksi stomped Logan?

    23. the crimson guy

      If you are ready to fight Jake I would say work on speed n' stamina I'm not hating I'm just giving you some advice if you ever fight Jake

    24. Mikey G

      When he was talking about Adam cheating did anyone else the gay pn thing😂😂😂

    25. RSK_ 234

      What do u mean jake Paul is god teir and you are almost there jake Paul is almost there and u are more than god tier

    26. Talha's Corner

      Gib VS Logan would actually be a fight i would watch. It would be hella interestering. As JJ said, winner gets god tier.

    27. Wik Stan

      How u gonna dis respect Deji like that

    28. Omar Khalid

      Put ur self in gods tier your the beast

    29. Freddy

      I am new to this fucking channel


      Logan won once

    31. Mrdumm

      Jj isnt finna beat jake he is doi way to good so jj has no chance

    32. StaidVoice


    33. Wym_ Alexmany07

      Where’s Nick Ireland??

    34. Flawless Degenerate

      Mfw Jake Paul managed to decision T-wood and the way that T-wood was boxing automatically puts him above everyone on that list.

    35. BluePvP


    36. Antonio Banderas

      Right I’m going to have to get back up to get my car back up and get it to get home I’m going back up to the right now to come up to my house and I can’t get back up I’m just going to come back up there and I’m sorry sorry I can’t get it to get home now I just have a car right right I’m just going home now to get my dog and I can’t

    37. Siama Hussain

      Not real if you put you self at the top

    38. Mido Elht

      Yo jj is a real one he hates jake paul but puts jake higher than him

    39. Francois Naufahu

      Imagine Jake Paul vs faze Sensei that’ll be mean!!

    40. FlamezYT

      6:49 so no ones going to talk about the chat

    41. karl Prudenciado

      Where is charlie zelenoff here he has a 100+ win in street boxing HAHAHAHAHAHAH🤣🤣🤣

    42. DBK_ReVerb

      Like:you like women Dislike:you like men

    43. Hugh C

      You should be God

    44. Wanaji Heals

      JJ is the opposite of humble

    45. Leah Adams

      Great video

    46. Michael Daly

      I love how mo put mayweather in should retire and KSI in god tier on the thumbnail 🤣

    47. thexfakter yt

      I know this might be a little stupid but why is josh Bruckner never mentioned, he legit is prob the most experienced fighter on youtube

    48. jakob Pulido

      Win r u going to box jake u going to lose

    49. Head Shot

      Bro logan paul is kinda like steve from stranger things if you think about it cuz no likes logan paul at the beginning and hes never won a fight himself but throughout these years he has had so much development on himself

    50. Stacksable OG

      You can’t put jake at god tear when he’s only fought trash people and washed up fighters lol

      1. anything4views Reuploads

        Who has ksi fought, a youtuber and another youtuber. There is a reason it is called "HRaero boxing" tier list. Most people of this list are not actual boxers lol

    51. Gabriel goku DF 3000

      JJ where is jarvis

    52. brandon aguinaga

      Whos here after jake beat woodley

    53. Enriko tube HD


    54. you are god tier

    55. Sunshine_bypolar

      I am kinda enjoy ksi

    56. Στυλιανος Τσαφος

      I want KSI to destroy Jake Paul but I'm really scared that he's going to win by like split decisionBTW I'm writing this after the tyron Woodley fight JJ destroy him 💀

    57. Mulazam Hussain

      And the winner goes against logan

    58. Mulazam Hussain

      I want Austin MCbroom v gib

    59. SML Compilation

      Dude faze sensei would destroy you sit the fuck down ksi you aint all that

    60. GamersUpps

      6:50 Yo phub in the chat

    61. Viggo Snaar

      you are in god tier

    62. Just_some_random_dude

      I wouldn’t of argued that jj is god ngl

    63. Juice Wrld

      He beat woodley he’s a good boxer I don’t think he can take much of a hit you saw round 4 woodley gave him a hard hit in the head and he basically went down good win I’m just saying he can’t take a hit he took some hits actually just he might actually get knocked out by an actual boxer and if ksi puts lots of pressure on and fights like he fought against joe he would knock jake out

    64. george rivera

      I love how he’s being honest

    65. Terraria tips

      Hi could you respond to this coz I need help with my new song

    66. sadsadsa asadasd

      Mike Tyson has a youtube channel.

    67. Andy Yow

      JJ who do you want to fight more? Jake or Austin??/

    68. Edlyn Carvalho


    69. Josh Wynd

      Logan cuts gibs head of lets be real

    70. max Nieman

      Do you think you could ever beat current Mike Tyson

    71. Smv Why

      God tier

    72. LU61X

      fun fact : saleh means dumbass in india

    73. He beat woodly

    74. LCODE X

      wdym logan knocked you out the fuck out

    75. Gaxah

      *You still claim to be the best HRaero boxer KSI? Mr ”3 years ago since I had an amateur-fight”. My guy took punches from a legend that would send you back to 2012 and still won. I think you should be happy you blamed MUSIC and COVID to avoid this fight and instead challenged Bryce, Austin and Saleh. Congratz with 110th Reddit video by the way, looks like more awaits you. Can’t wait to hear you speak now kitty. I might re-subscribe just to hear. This is what it looks like when someone actually stands their ass up from their chair and does something about their biig words. Something you never do.*

      1. KILLA

        Bro he put himself at almost there are u silly

      2. isoll cg

        I had a stroke trying to read this

    76. Avlicxy

      whos here because of the jake fight recently

    77. zRLityTwTz yea

      Please take down jake

    78. RayTzy

      You guys think Nick DiGiovanni should join boxing?

    79. nordin el kandousi

      Forget the Dutch influencer boxers

    80. SuperMarioCarmine

      Anyone wanting to do this tier list go here: tiermaker.com/create/youtube-boxers-ranking-145909

    81. Charlie Quayle

      JJ: I think I am the best boxing youtuber in the world Me: you beat Logan paul because he had 2 points taken of him

      1. Radar


      2. Charlie Quayle

        Your right

      3. Mr Info

        Well he is saying truth

    82. wonder_ΨSPARKSΨ

      You deserve god tier my g

    83. Ernesto Mancilla


    84. Tresher

      What With Jarvis JJ

    85. Gio Ruiz

      Jjs technique against Logan Paul🚁🚁

    86. Gurjot Singh

      12:06 😂😂😂 downgrade from MAYWEATHER to gib😂😂😂 jj you are high on something

    87. BodyBagBlue 420

      I feel like In fousey’s head he thought he looked cool af like rocky except he only took punches and didn’t throw any 🤣

    88. Julian Aquino


    89. Roxy U.S.S.R

      Jj you should do BOXING tier list

    90. Alhassan Madani

      Naaaa ur 100% god tier

      1. Nigga Turtle

        I don't think so I mean he's only fought 3 time he won one by tko one was a draw and he won the rematch by split desicion

    91. Unknown Legacy

      Deji vs JMX would be a decent fight Joe vs jay Austin vs Sensai Logan vs gib Deji vs Austin (Brother)

    92. Benjamin Merzinger

      JJ kan you do a youtube and a Tiktok TEAR LIST

    93. Nikith

      Faze Jarvis ?

    94. BK AIZEN

      While floyde shoude be above god teir but that's the rules so he can't be there

    95. Ryan the gamer

      Hi jj big fan video idea you should react Th Ryan garcia

    96. Muhab Omar

      Yo wheres ryan

    97. victor cordova

      6:49 lmao

    98. Charlie Jones

      Can you box Ryan’s toy reviews

    99. Nafyad David

      Did you want fight jake paule