Someone made a sus remix of my song

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    1. ZeruS117

      KSI: "I am an autistic legend the greatest autist of all mankind." Me: Yeah I can see it.

    2. Tycoon J


      yo thats huge

    4. Noob Quber

      5:30 dont u mean autistic lmao

    5. 찬우


    6. Merryweather Security

      When he said "I'm an artistic legend!", it sounded like he said "I'm an autistic legend!"

    7. Keanu1716

      Hey JJ i know lose has been out for a while but all I want to say is I absolutely love the song congrats

    8. Dorsen Cani

      do it on sideplus

    9. GeforceEX

      Black lives matter

    10. Not Harry


    11. ScarecrowOfFire

      I think you misspoke it’s autistic not artistic

    12. Precious Brown

      Stawp love ❤️ his accent 😂



    14. Zebib Berhane

      If this gets to a million likes KSI have to shave his head C L E A N

    15. fever

      Why is being gay known as "sus" now? Isn't that kinda homophobic or...?

    16. 𝔹𝕝𝕜𝔽𝟙ℝ𝔼

      JJ: measures his twig with phone Also JJ: wonders why he gets a strike from HRaero

    17. Brandon Vinall

      If he actually names his kid "Turbulence" I'll feel so sorry for him lol

    18. Shride

      Vikks is bigger

    19. 17 Edden Fernandes

    20. 17 Edden Fernandes

    21. 17 Edden Fernandes

    22. 17 Edden Fernandes

    23. 17 Edden Fernandes

    24. 17 Edden Fernandes

    25. 17 Edden Fernandes

    26. 17 Edden Fernandes

    27. 17 Edden Fernandes

    28. 17 Edden Fernandes

    29. SSG SAVY ♪

      10:13= 🧢

      1. 17 Edden Fernandes

        @SSG SAVY ♪ XD

      2. SSG SAVY ♪

        @17 Edden Fernandes haha

      3. 17 Edden Fernandes

    30. pain

      ksi 1 million likes release that song

      1. 17 Edden Fernandes

    31. ItzMystic


    32. Bad roads

      That’s kinda sus

      1. 17 Edden Fernandes

    33. Luca de Giusti

      I thought in the beginning were he says I'm back, I'm black

      1. 17 Edden Fernandes


      2. 17 Edden Fernandes


      3. 17 Edden Fernandes

        @Luca de Giusti

      4. 17 Edden Fernandes

      5. Luca de Giusti

        @GagTok facts

    34. HyperX2.0

      JJ=Wtf is wrong with you famali are they dumb Me watching KSI reading like 5 years old

    35. HECKER

      Turbulence: Due to some turbulence we will have a delay of atleast 50 years

    36. red¿

      with ksi around vincent vanghone

    37. Yuvaan Burakia

      12:40 using Lamborghini as my wedding song 😂😂

      1. 17 Edden Fernandes

        @ÃÇÊ CrOw

      2. ÃÇÊ CrOw

        You wont get married, youre a fortnite kid

      3. 17 Edden Fernandes

    38. Joseph Schoenhals

      "I am an artistic legend" take out the r and replace it with a u lol

      1. 17 Edden Fernandes

    39. ZackAttack 0


    40. PokeMan Kirito

      These reddit videos always makes me laugh 🤣🤣🤣❤🔥

    41. The Flame

      Since when is 7 Inches long tho…??

    42. Sev yaz

      The sus video is mad😹😹😹

    43. Sl0TH KH4N

      "Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci, go f*** yourself", really got me dying.

    44. Mountain goat


    45. King Well

      It’s the 5th time I have seen this advertisement of KFC on KSIs vids

    46. Quacker Cracker

      hate to say this but your monthly listeners went down to 9 mil

    47. Yasin Kaya


    48. Hamish

      The flies wings must be broken because we all know that things flying away as soon as it here's Jake's voice

    49. crunchypeanutbutter ._.

      lamborghini was a straight up banger

      1. 17 Edden Fernandes

    50. Joonked

      If they go to Australia then sidemen and misfits

    51. MJ

      "im a autistic legend" 5:28

    52. Pharaoh EnZo

      I feel like sidemen tinder in the US would be insane women out here are allot less polite when they get shit talked. They'll have some good ass comebacks

    53. Zainuddin Ahmed

      Did any1 notice the reddit post that posted the song has fuckin 6.9k upvotes lmao

    54. Tentrix

      10%: Reddit review 90%: jj's facecam

    55. Adam Osberg

      I asked my parents what they think the sidmens names are: Harry - Luke Ksi - ofofueueonotwewe osas

      1. Adam Osberg

        @Tempo_playz ikr 😼

      2. Tempo_playz

        haha nice one

    56. sussy imposter

      sussy baka

    57. ꧁M I L K I I I ꧂

      I made this on original song 2x Speed =\

    58. DL FARES

      LMAO the sus version

    59. LoftGaming

      So that’s why ksi had to dudes kissing in holiday it was to represent him and simons relationship

    60. Jordan Aguirre

      Bruh canelo would fuck him up😂😂

    61. Tropix_yt

      I heard “autistic” legend 😭 5:29

    62. Aramhi

      2:00 "that's funny" unusual voice

    63. Shamanth Sharma

      Bro u r awesome

    64. Ryan Ranen

      The person who made the sus version took it a whole new level

    65. Pozzal 33

      Is the Harry and K jenner thing actually true ? Hahaha

    66. Jordan Lampard

      It was better than the real song

    67. Bajs Korv


    68. Corbin Dallas

      Absolutely love the fucking album! Who knew KSI had the bangers? Becuase I didn't! Looked his album up and listened to the whole damn thing a few different times. Definitely going on the "Daytime-Bangers" Playlist. KEEP BRINGING THE HEAT. EDIT: I had holiday on my wedding Playlist before I got to that part of the video. Shit....

    69. B00ND0CKS


    70. Ace Gamer

      -A black man being called Harry? *Remembers Harry Pinero -Eh Harry Pinero 😂😂😂😂

    71. Harry

      whos here from the clips channel

    72. Joseph Snape-Butler


    73. bruh


    74. ItsDarkChaos

      If jj was there probably crash the party with a boom box


      the last one make my date

    76. Pass da Boof

      Today we were talking about slavery in school and I accidentally said "slavery and shit"

      1. Esmeralda Marie

        watchgirls18. com Bro I always love how ksi can take even laughing at himself bro.... Keep being you

    77. Bunkerdisc

      You are rude to your fans woth your odd teath

    78. Razy Abdullah


    79. Y Not


    80. Komical King

      JJ is goin mad tryin to get his 3rd strike lmao

    81. John Hand

      Bro my friend is taller than you and he’s 12

    82. leoberget


    83. candicenuts

      ksi instant regret moment

    84. ꨄ︎ʷʰⁱᵗᵉsʜᴀᴅᴏᴡꨄ︎シ︎

      guys if u wanna really see the sus remix of the song go fast forward to 13:47 lol

    85. Jaden Chikamhi

      JJ i think you meant to say autistic not artistic

    86. jan mujkanovic

      Yo KSI there is a sus version of holiday

    87. RuTHLess DeamZz


    88. Jacob Vath

      Dirk was Jake Paul in his show

    89. KCghost

      I-AAAAAAAA it hurts 😂

    90. R :]

      congrats, the person who made a sus remix of your song made you *gay*

    91. Saif Dahabreh


      1. daniellivaa


      2. Wrlwind


    92. Saif Dahabreh


      1. Raelynn Kimberly

        watchgirls18. com JJ is actually a goat for uploading 4 times in a day 💜

    93. Dick Cummings

      Mollen broke KSI 😂😂

    94. ‎Bot Bot

      7:31 You were probably in your dad's balls 👁️👄👁️

    95. Julia R. Thomas

      I appreciate M a s k o f f w e b

    96. Julia R. Thomas

      I appreciate M a s k o f f w e b.

    97. Spidereli 13

      Me: sees pokemon card Also me: new pokemon called KSImon

    98. Qwer Tyu


    99. Beastmode 5501

      Bro the sus song was funny asf

    100. ToBufn

      3:33 that’s my video