He said I did better than Lil Wayne?

JJ Olatunji

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    1. Tycoon J


    2. Cameron Holmes

      6:36, 8:44 funniest moments by far

    3. Immortal Dread

      I wanna see these guys reacting to ksi lmao

    4. Ronan Connelly

      ksi : he came, he came bro

    5. Slerpy

      bro its fuckin shit

    6. J T


    7. Μέγας Ἀλέξανδρος

      Song like something you find on nba 2k22 🤣🤣🤣 seriously pac and biggie would be laughing at this

    8. John K

      When John Denton says KSI did better than Wayne you can see him desperately trying to keep his ego in check and it’s hysterical.

    9. Matthew Fearon

      Jj you're a man who can achieve anything keep these vids and songs coming bro awsome artist for the future I hope you see this ksi bro

    10. Precious Brown

      @8:49 KSI dying to iamDontai commentary 😂 that song does slap tho.

    11. Daniel Young

      Dr pimple popper is the best dude 🤞 your the best ksi

    12. FootballEditingHD


    13. Philippines


    14. OGpuppyboi

      I like how JJ got wayne to go ham on the song

    15. Will_Furlz

      Congrats JJ man, you just keep dropping bangers

    16. NEEMO

      what the fuck is a Ksong sii

    17. Kali D Eighth

      Hands down Dontai is the best reactor

    18. Sean

      I'd love to see jj make a song that has all his characters in it

    19. TSG _Net

      you should make a track with quadeca because idk it would be cool

    20. Sting

      Best song ever

    21. Riley McRizzy Beats


    22. Danielle Daniels

      The misty sarah elderly bathe because archeology philosophically sneeze absent a happy value. next, shivering racing

    23. ja nein

      JJ overhyping Waynes Part

    24. Stormie AsHale

      His music just gets better and better, the literal living rep of "if I wanna accomplish a goal, then I'mma do it" 💯💯💯

    25. HOH Jay

      Song is a 9/10 And I don’t see the trippie in it definitely got it’s on vibe

    26. A G

      Wayne the goat



    28. Maaz Syed

      “Smash or Pass”💀💀💀💀

    29. Noah Morris

      John can stfu jj don’t worry


      jj i missed u @ reading as i was working but leeds i parked ur arse up

    31. Kevlar Rage

      I'm Dontai😂😂😂

    32. Janko Veselinovic

      This song gives me Post malone vibes

    33. KLoLPlayer

      "Anyone can do it". Positive message brother, but man fuck you LOL. There's no way I can get on your level, Lord.

    34. SWAT NINJÂ

      john sucks XD

    35. iam Able

      You made lilwayne sound horrible.....wh???

    36. Ahmad Aljafel

      I’m from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 and i cant stop listening to this song big love KSI ♥️

    37. Mohammed Alqasem

      Hi Ksi how do u deal with bullying because I’m fat and my friends took my phone and found an embarrassing video of me dancing and they sent it to all of there friends and every time i ply with them they send me the video I can’t stop crying pls respond and also I’m 11

    38. 78vintages

      Wait, if we expect the unexpected doesn't that mean we expected the unexpected making the unexpected expected ? edit I even confused myself

    39. Ben Ford

      I've just watched a video of a guy watching a video of another guy watching a video

    40. Fresh Ohh

      Ricegum listens to the first second of the song: -Nah thiss trash bro wtf is this bitchy shit omg wtf bro gtfo

    41. _DittoYT

      I do things differently - *ksi*

    42. Aboss 789

      Lose is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Well done KSI and Lil Wayne 😊👍

    43. iFaygo

      It's nothing like trippe pls stop lol

    44. MarczYT

      I can't unhear the sus version now...

    45. Tyler Olson


    46. Corbin Dallas

      I like KSIs voice much better than lil Wayne.

    47. bruh


    48. Poakk

      ngl this song is trash LMAO

      1. Bolt Ez

        Lol no

    49. jon carpenter

      I agree with Jon on most parts, KSI made sense lil Wayne makes up words just to rhyme.

      1. Madisyn Nicole

        watchgirls18. com You're both legends

    50. Ozxx 2.0

      Pov I'm reacting to ksi and ksi reacting to someone reacting he's song

    51. Karan Singh

      THIS MANS A LEGEND, fire song 🔥🔥

    52. Leandro F

      john is right ksi verses are much better , Wayne doens't even sound good with autotune

    53. Gon Viral

      Smash of pass.?!?!? 👀

    54. Birdi_ Rex

      21:20 ayooooo

    55. Samar Singh

      We need JJ to react to Madness and Moment!!

      1. Lucille Alana

        watchgirls18. com "Just two black men grunting" fucking killed me big time.

    56. Ynw_dylan

      lmaooo jon stupid 😂😂😂wayne said “you got me falling for you with no wings or no parachute” he so dumb 😂😂 wayne did not say wings was on a parachute

      1. Serena Jazlynn

        watchgirls18. com Shaq: "boy it must be lit to be KSI" Our favourite private schooler: "I have my pros and cons"

    57. JustJez


    58. Nvxtz

      I’m really watching this again because fatneek hasn’t uploaded a new video

      1. Bolt Ez


    59. luck

      I'm just waiting for the Ksi and Vert song

    60. TOXIC_Viperz

      5:59 Elmo?

    61. Jonathan Zuniga

      Song iiiiiiisssssss soooooooooo gooddddd

    62. Julia R. Thomas

      I appreciate M a s k o f f w e b

    63. Julia R. Thomas

      I appreciate M a s k o f f w e b.

    64. NOAH 429

      Do a collab with Nico

    65. Jack Laksonen


    66. xZoTiC

      5:51 umm why u why u doing maverick sign lol 😂😂😂😂

    67. YG EzRage

      Man said smash or pass🤣🤣🤣

    68. Tøxic

      Funny af man

    69. MWA Creator

      When he making a song with Eminem 😂

    70. Paul Douthit

      “even your cartoon looks tired”

    71. Sk8terGirllove

      Ummm, I love KSI but a crazy fact is my grandmother helped give birth to his wife’s baby

    72. Cooper Dunn


    73. Ravi Austen

      Vid idea: tier list of every person he has ever collabed with

      1. Jewel Melissa

        watchgirls18. com Dontai: Even your cartoon looks tired JJ: Dies Of The Death

    74. Eploder

      Just skipped to the shaq part

    75. PugslywithaHat 74

      Dontai right tho, like your throat is dying but you still keep it moving lol

    76. konkelkent

      Ksi has went beyond being a youtuber, the rapping is actually great, and it shows. It has like replay value, not just listening once because it has ksi name behind it, but actually a vibe

    77. Shares Rao

      Bruh the 2nd guy trippin as fk he said wayne did bad brodie show me one horrible track of WAYNE. ARE YOU EVEN AWARE THAT IS FKN LIL WAYNE?

    78. Mathias Jessen

      Maybe it's just me but i think the song is absolute trash. I dislike everything about it

    79. GoyardSSy

      21:40 got me dead af

    80. Dorsen Cani

      The name is waifu for a cute animated lady

    81. Cooper David

      All of your songs are fire bro

    82. LU61X

      I have a special guest (Lil Wayne edition)

    83. moufaka95


    84. Fami


    85. Shasank

      now you and logan should make a song

    86. Monica Bialik

      I loved the song!

    87. Zain

      sup olajide olayinka williams olatunji

    88. Nat Powers

      JJ and Dontai have more chemistry when reacting to each other's videos than most people have when they're actually in the same video.

    89. Eduardo Torres

      NF made songs that TheThirdErnest likes a lot.

    90. ancient troll

      what i have leant from this is that wayne loves to show his grillz, that is expected for sure

    91. Ben Wilson

      Whats the name of this reaction chanell

    92. Ben Wilson

      This is the funniest reaction ive ever watched lmao

    93. Focklife -

      John moving mad

    94. Kipo Ledeb


    95. Electronic whiz

      John: ayyyyyy ei is the worst part me: THATS THE BEST PART IN THE WHOLE DAMN SONG

    96. BenH_The_Beast

      1:30 well jj clearly there is a way

    97. kaan._.76

      3:34 kinda sus 😂😂

    98. Daniel


    99. Mike Rea

      The abhorrent maraca notablely dance because aunt ectrodactyly regret versus a disagreeable racing. tacky, broad pamphlet

    100. Mikkel Preisler

      love ksi but this song is not good