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Cucumber Up The...? (Try Not To Laugh)

JJ Olatunji

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    1. MAHAMED GAMEZ العطوي


    2. Nova

      And jj wonders why he gets reported for child abuse😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    3. 『 黒 』

      14:40 Virgin Shields Up

    4. Beast gamimg

      5.10 tats what demonitised this video

    5. BXIANl

      AYOO???? CALNCED

    6. Rochelle Holmes

      Me thinking this is a national geographic video

    7. Tango Cream

      Yo what’s up it’s JJ lgbt

    8. Free fire Shop 1

      4:00 its looks like john cena

    9. maruko the demon

      bruh this video was soo sus wth jj

    10. harvey lawrence

      age restricted

    11. Boris Vassilev


    12. D1N0BTW


    13. Mr. Nonsense

      My man is a terrible fucking actor, come on JJ 🤣🤣 Jokes, man, jokes. I love you to bits, jj, you the best ❤️

    14. Qwer Tyu


    15. HCD

      JJ the video is restricted

    16. harvey malone

      age restricted :(

    17. YZA 2


    18. Blizzard

      It’s always Harry and JJ when it comes to balls

    19. Sch 14

      Isn't that Mikaela from reacts

    20. Mokshith sai raj

      10:43 when you try to yeet the ball, but the ball yeets you

    21. Justa Gamer

      How the-

    22. Aaron Kinny

      Congrats nigga for 14m

    23. LORD GOKU


    24. Ole Bjørn Westad

      The last clip is from a Netflix show called paradise PD. I recommend to watch it

    25. Jacko

      ayo ksi kinda a good actor when i comes to cryin sheesh

    26. Himanshu Kosaria

      This video is the 3rd strike

    27. Mick Dunn

      The last clip 911 call is from paradise pd, amazing show

    28. AmBabyWon

      8:45 hol up ayo what-?

    29. cHypxr

      15:23 isnt that from Paradise PD??

    30. FroggersMyGuy

      2:28 lmao

    31. Spearluck

      5:40 what does it mean?

    32. talia maharaj

      ksi try to laugh

    33. Mizzi

      Funny guy

    34. hi

      HEs reacting to vidio not trying to laught

    35. # Hashtag

      you need to change it up

    36. Rafael Salazar

      12:00 what does that code mean

    37. Nathan

      6:49 babies when u fake ur death infront of them

    38. Amau

      W8 have can u go to sun at night when sun is gone at night bruh

    39. YouShould Know

      Child endagerment lmao! Hahahaha "choke him out, chuck him in the bin" hahahaha

    40. mclol

      8:45 '' harry gave it to me twice'' bro wat....

    41. Divyansh Chhablani

      9:36 Also JJ: "HRaero, the strike is unfair"

    42. ItzFrosty

      Why am I watching these trying to workout I just keep laughing

    43. Kristof Gyetvai

      420k....its perfect

    44. Kartikay Kaul

      the traits of dick size in genetics also come from mother's side. Maybe its his wife's dad... ykwims

    45. Dunkle sans

      Pickled cucumber Just imagine Hahahahaha

    46. L_Teeven 14

      8:39 we all did…..

    47. L_Teeven 14

      8:40 we all did…

    48. Maram Zantout

      9:36 and he wonders why he is getting striked

    49. thefatcatt69

      Why is it 18+

    50. basura sa gilid 0919

      jj's wrong the sun is still there in the exact same time purpendicular to the moon the earths gravitational pulll moves the earth and that's about it so she's wrong and right at the same time tho the sun is not visible it is still there so sunlight=moonlight thank you for listining to my long sentence - basura sa gigilid 0919 time stamp 12:55

    51. BAEDOberlik

      Yeah, cuz it’s even night and Day at the same fucking time all over the World, timezones do not exist

    52. XxlilredoxX1234 rogerdoger

      does yo boi KSI call working out "training"????????


      i almost had that incident riding the bike

    54. The Blue One


    55. MeisterJohnny007

      5:32 I keep bread in my refrigerator, but I am white 🙄🤷‍♂️

    56. Fatka

      14M coming soon

    57. Angxelxdino

      POV: you pressed i understand and i wish to proceed.

    58. Ceaser

      I love you jj but im straight

      1. Floofybasterd999


    59. Hello It's ya boy

      9:36 roger that

    60. Carti Clone From Venus

      I would stick a cucumber up someones ass for 50 quid or more

    61. aminath layana


    62. aminath layana


    63. Antonio Brown

      If you do 2x speed you can still understand him

      1. Antonio Brown

        @Floofybasterd999 yes

      2. Floofybasterd999

        @Antonio Brown no

      3. Antonio Brown

        @Floofybasterd999 yes

      4. Floofybasterd999


    64. tennergy

      I don’t get the clip at 11:13

      1. Austin Hall

        NE14ABJ an-ee-one-for-a-BJ

    65. Cabs Eleven

      Ball Tap 😂😂😂

    66. Ajgamer

      Let be honest his try not to laugh Vids are basically him laughing despite trying not to laugh.

    67. Sm Shoaib

      Age ristricted

    68. Oliver Michael

      The 911 call is from a show called paradise pd

    69. Anon

      Don't worry JJ. If you want to kill your child, I fully support you. I'll even help you dispose of it. I know places

    70. Ranvir Op

      Jok I love you🥺🥺

    71. Sinclair Garcia


    72. Tyler Pedemonti

      2:25 His dad just watching this video trying to support his son 0.o

    73. mr GVG99

      F Y JJ

    74. 11:56 i don’t get it

    75. SP Minty

      the last one was used in one of progamerdude or jmwfilms vids

    76. Adam Kubovic

      10:43 in russia the ball throws you

    77. JuliusZeus

      the thumbnail

    78. लमाओ मृत - LMAO DeD

      Ksi olajidebt

    79. mikrobx

      2:11, yo, KSI its worse for women, come bathing season, there are no secrets. at least some dudes have growers and some have showers... idk, i think we got it easy, but then i remember locker rooms in primary school and, well, it was NOT.

    80. Juan Antony Ajay

      watching this before it gets taken down for child safety for that joke at 9:34

    81. Luke Moss

      why is this video age restricted

    82. Alexander Yeverino

      How did he not laugh at the last part

    83. Siaosi Napaa

      ??? huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    84. X o L o T y

      Iam fucking 12 and im watching this 😂😂

    85. Dylan 727

      4:53 listen to him lol he sounds like a movie caster

    86. Daniel Kun

      I’ll stick anything up someone’s ass if they’re paying me except my body parts

    87. akane hiro

      5:00 me wen i get bord

    88. Emigdio Almazan

      7:06 this is actually the first time

    89. straight vibin

      When she said go in the night I literally was so close to just crying.

    90. jack ryan

      ay yo past KSI don't release the KSI show its gonna flop just a warning my guy

    91. cba. literally can’t.

      “I think he became high”

    92. Matine Games

      9:33 why would you waste two healthy kidneys a Heart two perfect lungs........

    93. Pepe froggy

      Hey keith *proceeds to throw the shopping list at him*

    94. nanny gran

      Had to add my Nans account to yt to watch this 😭

    95. Theo Berg


    96. MC-Cockpot

      the first one was just like family guy

    97. Fireballpro 1

      Yo was the kid at 9:29 singing the attack on titan s2 opening???

    98. Revenant Wolzart

      its not about who has how much but who has whose and where

    99. Bingus2000

      Hey its the guy from Roblox