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    1. Garrett sus

      Man's lost 100k subs in a week he's "irrelevant"

    2. Nathan.A

      Ricegums song "Frick da police" has more dislikes 🤣😑

    3. Nathaniel

      22:22 if you are looking for this welcome ig

    4. Jerome Palaki

      oh so this is where the og ksi couldnt sing song came from

    5. Jerome Palaki

      wait he only has 10.3 mill did his subs go down?? if he did hahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahaahahhahahahhahahahhaaa

    6. BasicallySad

      gta one had me laughing in bed

    7. Robert Cojocaru

      RiceGum.. Hmm.. Who's that guy

    8. Gaboski123 Official

      The reason why rice gum is alive is because of social media. His fan base is literally defending him man

    9. Nick n Roi

      us looking up when ricegums first vid was and it shows 2012

    10. waffees

      Looks like someone’s jealous of ksi’s success 👀

    11. Kram Mcrich

      I became a fan cause of the song Holiday. Its damn great!!

    12. Austin

      ricegum is like that one 7 year old who keeps watching jake paul and now cant say a sentence without using the word "bro" and "like"

    13. kat north

      nah RiceCum doesn't like "Holiday" due to the fact it isn't his taste of music; his taste in music being shitting into a microphone- "aH yEs mY sHiT iS eXqUiSiTe"

    14. Brandon Egan

      I hear Ksi Holiday on my radio to this day and never heard a ricegum song on the radio so obviously Ksi makes the better music

    15. Luke Haugen

      i love you man but shave that shit off your chin mate

    16. Aditya Kumar

      22:36 and he says there is no child endangerment in the video😂

    17. Reaper Wolves

      I didn't even knew who tf is ricegum until I saw jj videos 😂😂

    18. Turab Muhammadi

      mo, we thank u for always reminded us of ksimon, keep violating our fatneek

    19. John Oscar Bara

      3:46 GTA SA 😂😎 PLATHINUM JJ

    20. AtomixplayzYT

      First of all holiday is epik and go check our rice gums latest videos

    21. Martin_595

      "There's no child endangerment in any of these videos" Not even 1 minute later: BOW DOWN TO ME TOMMYINNIT! I AM YOUR CREATOR

    22. DuNNeG

      rice's song's are ass no even lying

    23. AJ Beeby

      holiday isn't my kind of music, i like rock but you can still appreciate a good and well written song tf

    24. Yan Lanabas

      As a Asian. We don't claim IdioticRicegum.

    25. Æthur

      bro i legit didn't know who ricegum was, i only heard of him on the scam thing few month back

    26. GUSION "K" K.O.F

      Ashhaduallah ila haillallah waashhaduanna muhammad far rasullulah

    27. GUSION "K" K.O.F

      So we can go to heaven together😢😢

    28. GUSION "K" K.O.F

      I hope you are a muslim

    29. Jhomiee

      23:40 fucking beautiful

    30. Reman Aziz

      23:28 wow it’s so satisfying and cool to see the strings vibrating

    31. Reman Aziz

      Ksi I got you bro I swear if this mans be roasting you again and I hear abt it BOOM on insta he gettin roasted or burned his mum left him on the stove for too long

    32. ImK4Os

      Surely if RiceGum wanted people to watch his music, he'd actually be active on HRaero releasing music

    33. aekansh

      23:02 RESPECT FOR MO

    34. You Jerh Chan

      I thought I heard rice said I used to watch hentai shit at 6:57

    35. HayyLion

      I hate ricegum

    36. Sim z

      Rice gum is the definition of a H.A.T.E.R towards our fatneek H-Having A-Anger T-Towards E-Everyone R-Reaching S-Success

    37. Liviu

      4:36 ksi Arabic confirmed he said starfulyla

      1. Liviu

        Stafula is arabic im in france and i have friends that are from arabia and say things like that =)

    38. ZasphamousHDTv

      I forgot ricegum even existed

    39. Atharva Trivedi

      By the end of the video I was like : Enough JJ for today

    40. bob ross

      y does ricegum talk shit when ksi gets literally 99.6x more monthly views on Spotify alone lmao

    41. Harvey Bennett

      Rice gum is a walking L lol 😂

    42. George_Lucas

      Salty Compilation (RICEGUM Edition)

    43. AlnorUria

      Holiday has to be the best song I've listened to 😂

    44. IO Gaming

      And it's getting worst when RiceGum fans support his "toxic" act . Surely those not mature , just a bunch of kids .

    45. Shivam Singh

      23:00 is so funny

    46. Jonathan Aparcio

      Bru he is so salty that he stururing lies

    47. Gotchayourhat102

      Ricegum: this music is ass. KSI have trash music who listen this shit KSI: shut up Ricegum your song is trash

    48. DM 999

      ricegums fans are yesmen look at his chat when he say the sht is a**

    49. CringyySneakyy

      Bro i swear if ricegum keeps this shit up, he will get hated by everyone

    50. Erick Nieto

      Yeah when I went to footlocker they were playing this song

    51. Kingyyy

      Ricegum: "They tryna tell me my shit is ass" Also Ricegum: *proceeds to dislike his own song*

    52. John craft

      Rice gum doesn't make sense

    53. FEAR Z


    54. Melody

      Female simon kinda look like my therapiest.

    55. HAZR


    56. 1xdigo

      JJ: Inhales* Rice: This shit suck


      It’s Olatunji collab with KSI

    58. CT-1902 Captain Madsen

      First of all why does ricegum sound like he hasn't giant fucking lemon stuck up his nose the entire time he speaks, second of all drinking game for y'all every time that ricegum says like take a shot tell me how many of you made it to the ER well.. actually.. just tell me how you're doing after your trip to the ER when they pump your stomach

    59. William Dodd

      The mental breakdown of the Holiday finger cover gave me the hiccups from how much I laughed

    60. Funkillcraft VG

      This aged well.

    61. ShadowZeus

      13:52 he really just disliked himself

    62. The Mason PlayZ

      And you’re getting 8 mil views per video, that is about 4x more views than he makes per month.

    63. Pravin Reddy

      Fuk rice gum talking salty to the top singer

    64. Little Jimmy Don't call me James Iskall

      13:41 look at that frickin chat bro 🤦

    65. Driftsイクラス

      I listen to holiday on repeat while I code. The song slllllllaaapppsss

    66. Florian Rott

      Ricegum: this guys music is shit Ksi with irish mcgregor accent: WHO DE FUCK IS THAT GUY??

    67. A-Tran2604

      Ricegum is a disgrace to the Asian culture hahaha

    68. Matthew Kravtsov

      Nah but for real holiday is amazing, and the fact you made it by yourself is amazing.

    69. Alexander Wretsell

      I forgot WHO ricegum was before this vid

    70. Abhinav Verma

      6:44 The Ravan Laughter 😂😂

    71. Hayden Clement

      it makes me cringe that jj spelt ricegum wrong it is ricescum

    72. S

      JJ:I trust him, yes Mo is a good friend and I don't think of as a person to vandalise my video and embarrass me in front of my fans, and hence I trust him as my editor😇 Mo: Fuck you twat neek

    73. Archomen

      Triple wood

    74. Im_Theory

      Ricegum? whos that?

    75. Jaden Vansluytman

      the subtitles calling rice "waffle man" is funny as hell XD

    76. Dave YT

      but honestly i forgot that rice even exsisted man ima be honest lol

    77. Dave YT

      the funny thing is Rice gum Said the song is trash but it has 24MILLION views 1,1 million likes in 2 months it has been on the radio multiple times and tons of reactions videos were people are positive about the song and vibing to it so its a fact that rice gum is talking bullsh*t like bruhhh he do be really salty

    78. HateMe MorePlease

      Ksi getting carried by jj

    79. Chicken leg bis

      guys, who's ricegum?

    80. Haania Waheed

      Am I the only one who heard JJ say Nathan Door

    81. ThwartedHawk

      I didn’t even know ricegum had music

    82. Nasoni Dari

      Bro Imagine RiceGum gets so salty he challenges JJ to a bixing battle then get utterly bashed

    83. Sarwar Morshed

      JJ remind me that ricegum is still alive

    84. Siyanda Dlamini


    85. That Random Cat

      He reacted to your reaction of him being salty.

    86. Haydne Bryant

      Who can honestly sit down and watch rice gum....... his channel sucks! No one can deny this its straight facts.

    87. Haydne Bryant

      Honestly how can you even be a fan of rice gum still, everything about him died in 2015. He is so lame.

    88. 【Adan The Fatso】

      22:35 wonderful.

    89. Abhinav Xavier

      KSI singing at the last part like he has diarrhea

    90. Ayyan Babar

      bro jj doubled his monthly listeners in two months

    91. Arturo Solis

      Help people his gf a nurse

    92. Johannes Og Tobias

      I didnt Even know he made music lol

    93. Luna Blackwood

      I- I was not ready for that amazing acoustic cover of holiday. 😩🤭

    94. Navnil Das

      What is this 'W' in the chats

    95. SamBoy24

      i was watching this vid and my grandad was watching me and asked me what happened to his hair😂😂😂😂

    96. Anže Repše

      Hes holding to his 3 years old Platinum. Tbh i didnt evrn know he got the platinum. I actually forgot about him


      i love this part at 3:47, Lez go JJ in GTA SA update!!!!!!!

    98. loka 3

      my man just went full halal mod 😂 4:36