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JJ Olatunji

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    1. سعد الكبيسي

      he gay

    2. Prajwal Ganesh . C

      6:22 Future Predicted!!!!!!!!!!🤣😂🤣

    3. tearahi hura

      or u should try to recreate his old vids

    4. Gacha Galaxy Wølf

      Whatever your name is shut up jj

    5. Gacha Galaxy Wølf

      JJ Olaunij

    6. Gacha Galaxy Wølf


    7. Gacha Galaxy Wølf

      You Should not judge people for who they are I'm as weird as him.😭😠😡💯

    8. Will Stebbing

      Bryce will never get Ill because his cancer would want to kill itself

    9. Jack Hoff

      4:34 im cringing so hard help me

    10. Daniel Lux

      He has Mum but not a dad

    11. 7 Barney

      The fact that JJ repels from the physical cringe

    12. Malhaar Salve

      ksi and brace fighting be like ksi: (punching) bryce: twerking ksi: "shit more 45 min of this I quit "

    13. Dionisio Gatiera

      The best part was at the end

    14. Penguin

      Almost stop watching the vid because of this clown

    15. Concepcion Toscano

      Bryce throwing it back and also saying he will beat KSI KSI: bryce says he will beat me in the ring also KSI watching cringe videos of bryce hall KSI: omg why is he doing that!! Us: dont worry we can relate watching those videos

    16. rip

      Why am i here just to suffer

    17. Mr Deadpool

      Dear Bryse Hall Or Aka Clown Plzz Don't fight jj Have A little mercy on your mom

    18. Utpal Verma

      If I can get thru this video I am sure I can get thru any problem in my life even CIA interrogations.

    19. Hıkaŕı

      2:47 nah bro nahhh i think i know that girl nah bro

    20. Roger Content666

      I was about to call Bryce hall a tiktok shitposter but I remembered that shit post can be worthy of me exhaling air through my nose but this, this man right here he just a crying baby that can’t stand that nobody likes him

    21. gaurav simon

      This is da cringiest shit ever wtf😭

    22. Deepfried

      I just learned bryce hall existed and i regret it

    23. Eggy

      Bryce gave us the full example of evolving backward.

    24. John K

      His only audience is horny ass female tweens that think he’s hot. That’s it. He might as well start an Onlyfans.

    25. Starz yt

      My eyes are dead mate this is the most cringe i have experienced since i was born…. The fact that this clown thought he could fight jj just makes it soo much funnier

    26. Shreydude Gaming

      u know whats great content? bryce hall crying and getting mad at austin mcbroom beating him

    27. jensen cabrera

      on 13:45 it whispers "close your eyes" i thought there was a demon in my room

    28. Fake Man

      "Go and play with your neighbor's son" _the neighbors kid_

    29. BloodSport

      At this point, if have kids like Bryce Hall. I am going to put them for adoption

    30. Dudu sahab albanat

      Nate cringe of the year

    31. Someonerandom ._.

      More like try not to get mad at bryce hall cringe videos 🗿

    32. Mekhi Srey

      I like to look deep into tik toker's eyes....and just wonder, what was they thinking hmmm 🤔

    33. Shaun Bremer

      Yo I’m watching this agin and there 69k comments

    34. Punjabi boi

      He is officially a gay

    35. EmDieLess

      Bryce is not a clown or a circus, he's the entire carnival

    36. Raizan Syafiq

      6:48 can anybody translate that

    37. Cyke

      i think i know why he hates tiktok because you don’t need talent to be famous when he worked for it :(

    38. Mark Parsons

      God damn that shit is cringy. Idk if I can finish the video

    39. Manan Bhardwaj

      I closed my door so that no one can see me watching BRYCE HALL ("You know I don't want get disrespected in my family")

    40. eclipse

      I think he is gay?

    41. Peaky quotes for men’s

      I think it’s a willpower test

    42. DerpOmAn

      If tiktok is a talent show, i would be a mega superstar

    43. derrick yap

      He is disappointed in what Bryce Hall has become

    44. A V

      3:38 seconds before dissapointment

    45. Adam Almarzouq

      He’s a beast 😂

    46. Adam Almarzouq

      Next thing he’s going to wanna fight u

    47. Marcos Navarro

      Bryce hall is clown 🤡

    48. Jamal Mahmood

      why is this age restriced

    49. Mario Perez

      On a scale of one to 10 how gay is Bryce hall?😂

    50. potato boy

      If u close ur eyes it's just good music Edit: most of it ain't even good

    51. Dead_Inside

      He would've won the fight if he moved his hands like he moves his ass

    52. Wizaard S

      lol its age restricted now

    53. Hari Haran

      Bruh that moment where he slaps the screen in pure disgust 😂😂😂😂😂

    54. Daniel Ramirez

      Idk how many times I face palmed 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    55. {LCT}Nate

      I look like bryce but younger....bruh

    56. YOLCU

      i feel your pain bro

    57. Gesture Artss

      69k comments fr

    58. Cassius Felix

      Aye KSI knows about

    59. Kiroga Sensai

      my eyes burn i wich i never see this

    60. Garv Patel

      Hey jj this video is not a mistake, that brice hall was mistake 😂😂😂

    61. Snopple Wopple

      people watch Bryce Hall, let that sink in

    62. ayaan salman

      you ruined vampire diaries for me

    63. ayaan salman

      JJ sorry to say but my first disliked video ever on your channel , the insanity i went through

    64. ayaan salman

      press f in the chat , Datttts some talent bitch

    65. When did I ask? 🤨

      I already cringed just looking at the thumbnail

    66. Gasterbutnotblaster

      Don’t get why people are calling Bryce hall a clown. He’s not the clown. He’s not the circus. He’s not the manager of the circus. He’s not the director of the circus. He honestly shouldn’t even be compared to a circus because at least their funny. He’s literally the equivalent of Robert Kirby. (Look up who that is and you’ll get it)

    67. Charted

      TikTok in a nutshell

    68. Landon gamer

      He's gay

    69. kers

      even HRaero had to age restrict this video, to avoid adults from experiencing depression, anxiety and immense cringe.

    70. giorgi oselotkin

      And You thought Jake Paul was Cringy 😂😂

    71. big fan dude

      Cause of death =cringe

    72. Sanjay R

      this is not called content its called SHIT

    73. Chad Fuller

      Kai should call out Austin mcbroom

    74. Med reda Jabrane

      his videos made me loose hope in humanity 😔

    75. P13R5SS

      and he thinks that being a tiktok nut can make him the best boxer? HUHHH?

    76. c l u e l e s s

      bro what

    77. BIGMAN

      Bruh in the second one I think Bryce hall just had a seizure while trying to dance

    78. Flambage Shot

      Im sorry jj, i'm at 5:52 and have to click off this video, the cringe is to much😭😭😭

    79. iimano_Rblox


    80. ahmad shazwan

      Mate this is the fourth time I watched it,and I still wanna kill my self

    81. Lord_Typhon

      3:48 KSI be like Meir kembi ayallo 🥲

    82. Danny.united

      Its not even try not to cringe its just cringing

    83. Roblox Gaming

      Bryce hall does not deserve that many followers

    84. bkwo

      I can end my life right now

    85. Roman R

      I feel the same as jj

    86. Laddu Naik

      Like the way he said that if i have to suffer u have to

    87. JBro20_vids

      Who's here after watching KSI's facebook upload?

    88. Kulotzkie YT

      Jj cringing over bryce: Adison's mom entrance: Jj: oooooh what do we have here

    89. Nathan Flemming

      "I'm depressed" 😂😂😂💀

    90. Nathan Flemming

      This is painful.

    91. the Random guy

      for the very first time ladies and gentleman for the very frst time i stopped watching jj video from about 2 minutes because of pure cringe

    92. Kahrlin Saevon

      I like how there is 69 k comments on this video

    93. Zayan Mohammed

      14 MIL BABYY

    94. Panda Man

      sorry i had to stop watching! to much cringe

    95. Cecilia Antonio

      Sorry jj for watching cringer show

    96. Envy

      I already cringed at the first video

    97. Ireza Eynek

      Who hates tiktok?

      1. Robo Gamer

        i only hate the cringy part, and enjoy the funny meme style ones

    98. Mahesh Pai


    99. Damien Krypt

      if you cant make jj laugh, i doubt your comedy