I Was In A School Project...

JJ Olatunji

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    1. Scully Osis

      Jesus loves yall so much

    2. Neo Darmanin

      The main baby in cocomelon is called JJ

    3. KatanaBoy

      16:00 😂

    4. ItsRedYT

      ksi breathing in those XX chromosomes

    5. ThanosWasOffended

      He should be the new penny wise

    6. Lil Juk6

      Bandana probably need washing

    7. GG_Swipe

      I love you jj

    8. GG_Swipe

      I love u jj

    9. Alex Rzasa


    10. White Fang

      Was it just me or in the Kung Fu panda edit, the editor made JJ's face on Monkey......................14:44

    11. SnakyW

      Your concert is on my birthday but I don’t think I can go :(

    12. Viraj Shah

      Ksi: A high level intellectual with all the knowledge strength and integrity Also Mr knowledge: ‘ Damn bro I can breathe’

    13. Emzy Popik

      Wheres this guy

    14. Eskil he

      You complained about your hair before, now you have a fucking Palm tree on your head

    15. eli


    16. Flash

      Minecraft villagers ----------------------------->

    17. JJKING77

      JJs old hair looks like a volcano.

    18. Shāngxīn💔 hé  Méng miàn

      14:44 how is no one talking about how they put jj’s face on the monkey?

    19. AlnorUria

      Honestly I think we would just come to see u no matter how good/bad your song is 😂

    20. Marco van Graan

      I agree with JJ about Invincible and The Boys they are both awesome

    21. Collin Voyles

      I can breathe everythin


      At 8:25 did anybody notice the comment below the one that he’s reading lol

    23. Alexander Zobenica

      I like cheese

    24. Mr Momo

      0:30 KSI explaining a MANGO

    25. Sam van den Berg

      Why did he trow the hat away

    26. xEdits

      What about African warlord

    27. Thokozani Emmanuel Siatwambo

      Messsssi for life

    28. Benjamin Shmukler


    29. Barrak Alosaimi

      lets go ccccc

    30. Shannon Gottlieb

      hurry up drinking cofee in a cup bathing in a hot tub

    31. Shannon Gottlieb

      fo sho show to mom got a yoyo can we take a photo ayo you be a slow poke

    32. Shubham Das

      I came across a youtube channel "shooby Pie"

    33. Jajuan Brown

      "I can breathe and everything" -JJ Olatunji, 2021

    34. Tanner Leming

      Did anyone else notice the dude made JJ the monkey in the Kung Fu Panda thing?

    35. sock

      this video is weirdly wholesome

    36. pog ppl

      U get knocked out quicker than wilbur sout (Idk how to sPeLL)

    37. Reeab Helal

      how the fuck is ronaldo more consistent??? Mad ting

    38. Hi-Def Media

      4:20 Mo be like: I have control over most of your income don't test me fam😎

    39. Covirz

      Adamulla will forever be in my heart

    40. Smokesman

      why dont you duet Snoop dogg??????

    41. wertisa

      ksi didn't get the Pinocchio joke

    42. Luke Wallace

      Can someone explain this Jake Paul and the hat thing in so confused

    43. Sivaram Jayagopal

      2:29 . I made it my notification sound.

    44. Fire Fox Ferby

      1:01 omg I thought I was so late on knowing ksi ..I sub when he already got like 10M sub but that video was a very popular video I used to watch when I was young and during that time internet didn't exist where I'm from..I mean it did but like only like the chief minister can use it..there weren't even smartphones..it was all bar phones and we used to share videos through bluetooth ..I watch lots of his videos not knowing he's the ksi im watching now...sugoiiiii

    45. Omid Eram

      1:19 where are Persian parents???

    46. Qwer Tyu


    47. HZE.

      9:08 dude on the bench looks like Logan Paul Lmao 🤣

    48. Aaban Khursheed

      anyone notice in 14:45 jj was the nonkey

    49. Dan Chukwudi

      Great performance

    50. psychic ackerman


    51. Classic Purple Guy

      Im going to the concert!!! i got 10 tickets to bring my friends :3

    52. Jennifer Takai

      2:19 Pause


      Did anyone else see how they made jj the monkey 14:44

    54. F4lconX2.0

      rip mo

    55. Matthew McDonagh

      And today, the bald deal… is done…

    56. Name


    57. asmit kumar

      His nose looked different after that post 😂😂😂

    58. Omnipotent Horse Person

      clock how they edited JJ as the monkey in the kung fu panda thing

    59. Fine Art

      14:45 wowwwwwwwwww He made JJ the monkey

    60. Cooper Richards


    61. S S

      Why cant ksi go to America?

      1. Yoinki

        covid, the borders are closed, and restrictions.

    62. ZeddVines

      The Messi comment made me want to slap this guy 😂

    63. Me lose, you wish

      People’s disguises: glasses hat mask JJ: takes off bandana

    64. Sky. moon UwU


    65. Dasani Playz

      wtf Wembley show is on my birthday

    66. plz reply watch a show called gotham or titans it mad It's fam

    67. Sporeman

      1:21 Italian parents, Mexican parents

    68. kian_Xx_pro

      Ksi: damn im ugly Me: correction you were ugly

    69. Jakethesnake

      Old KSI 86 KG short hair with bandana

    70. Zane DeWitt

      in the kung fu panda meme they had jj as monkey😭

    71. xWEASELx

      JJ never noticed that at 14:44 they made him the monkey..... 😂😂

    72. MrFookayu

      These days Ramos looking for KSI for his autograph

    73. Sniper 2498

      My birthday is in 29th feb

    74. Teletubbie Army

      bro do you guys hear the hyper music

    75. DARK_

      duplec duplecation deplec dupic duplication

    76. Aayush Kapoor

      9:32 "reacting to a reaction and that person is reacting to a reaction " wait does it even make sense

    77. Cupcake Queen


    78. Adeeb Shaikh

      kid takes efforts and makes the presentation random guy uploads it and gets platinum

    79. Reamergamer

      1:23 they are messing Mexican parents

    80. Ramo1mc

      Pinocchio: lies on accident 6:03

    81. Lime7456

      7:02 the task bar comed and left to settings is it roblox Player or Something XDD

    82. IMPUL53

      14:44 anyone notice who JJ is in the edit?🤦‍♂️🤣

    83. Jakethesnake


    84. Tlubblub

      Yall know JJ vill just Wear a durag of he goes bald?

    85. Tony Clarke Sr

      I'm gonna watch the boys right now

    86. Max Stein

      u are working the bandana

    87. astrology_x


    88. platanutre06 xx

      Hey JJ, if you like that much The Boys and Invincible, you should read the original comics... I think you'll like them. 👍

    89. d t

      Vikk may be on fire, but his drip be as trash as Jake

    90. Ashraf Ahmed

      Bruh the guy who made the Kung fu panda edit literally made jj the monkey

    91. Yungdagger17x

      KSI vs MO Imagine

    92. 11.Nguyễn Hữu Huâncl11a1

      14:35 if you know, you know

    93. Amadhya Awasthi

      ksi can breathe

    94. Sono-Burst

      Welp, May 24, When Mo sees KSI its on sight Xd

    95. clapy

      6:10 so what about george flloyd

    96. Fmx0

      You gonna scare jack bro😂💀hahahahahah

    97. Psio


    98. shivinho

      I did a project on JJ for Japanese lmao

    99. Hadi Khaznadar

      Thank God at 16:26 didn’t happen 😬

    100. ManUTurtle𓆉

      9:18 good it was a Yankees hat