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    1. the memeatic child

      bryce hall:wants to fight I'm jj:I'm bout to end this man's whole career

    2. lil kay

      Can you pls fight Jake Paul

    3. NotOkay

      Fight him JJ,tell em what's up

    4. Mad Pup

      Yo jj's clothes look good in this vid

    5. NA West is has the worst players

      At least rappers pay for there features you don't jj

    6. PUBG star

      KSI: don’t box Me:then circle

    7. mr. Grinch420

      Dije was punching like he was underwater in his fight

    8. Hamish Armstrong


    9. R M

      Bryce have reacted to this, it would be soo funny to see him get angry and talk more crap.

    10. hey im from the future he announced his fight with jake sep 2022

    11. Hard_11 Ss

      Love the hoodie and the bandana

    12. Daniel Pearson


    13. DavidTheDeliveryMan

      19:47 deadass looks like lebron james lmao

    14. Abhi Randhawa

      Damnnn those Bryce Stans be looking Stupid now

    15. M416 Killer

      Jj start posting again fam.

    16. Oluwasegun momson

      Love how ksi just spoke so much sense and motivation in the video.... U only get beaten in life when U get comfortable

    17. Helo Wlc

    18. Peyton Brown

      JJ looking like Zenitsu from demon slayer

    19. Regulus Noir

      The fact that he kept count of his “street fights” in itself is a joke. Some mad puss boy energy.

    20. konstantin gacovski

      Bryce hall whants to fight kis but what about Babatunde?

    21. SA DRXP

      Bryce got clapped by a broom

    22. Jaco Doggie

      JJ being a teacher looked like he was teching reggae XDXDXDXDXD

    23. 5730 Clips

      :Bryce halls face after mcbroom match wtf will he look like if he fights LORD KSI

    24. iss yaboi

      I mean you can't diss HRaero as they always verify celebrities for no reason

    25. Emily Edens

      His laugh is annoying, like bro it’s unnecessary to laugh like that. 🤦‍♀️

    26. Ej Babayy

      19:14 best teacher ik

    27. BIGMAN

      KSI LGBT

    28. shroomation

      Bryce hall isnt a clown He's the hole circus

    29. ExceptedHawk 998

      Omg can we all agree that Bryce was all bark no bite

    30. Bryce Fall

      Quick correction due to editing errors it showed 40 street fights I have been in over 40 pillow fights

    31. More Sliczyy

      Ksi I don’t wanna hear it honestly you’ve had 2 fights g like tf Understand that😂😂 start chatting when you take on another fight😂😂😂

    32. BigBoyDanny2009


    33. Justin mabaylan


    34. _poam3_

      Its just so Funny that bryce hall was talkin all that SMACK ! ..When we saw what happened, bryce you are an actual LOSER.. everyone knows that

    35. Gareth

      Being a dad is a young man's game. Being over 30 and becoming a dad is so much more draining. The lack of sleep hits you more lol. Good luck when you finally take the plunge 🤣

    36. abood cholo

      He speaked fax the whole vid but until he started speaking about the hairline

    37. trash

      2022 Bryce Hall Vs JJ

    38. rushy 150

      4:17 hmm giving him though love ay

    39. marinoski vlogs

      I wonder what kind if dream's Bryce hall is going to have at that ring vs ksi

    40. bombsa

      Update they have made a vs only fans haha

    41. Axel Suboptimal

      just dont lose your next fight..... if you do RIP- engraved on ksi cause of eternal sleep: murdered by his reddit by all the quotes " AND he wanted to fight me. "

    42. TheAmazing SodaGuy

      IVE GAVE HEAD TO OVER 49 GUYS- bryce hall before he got his shit rocked


      Bryce hall after fighting ksi be like :third times the charm

    44. Soran


    45. Senyamiku

      what fight at 15:00 ?

      1. FoxTheG

        austin vs bryce

      2. Senyamiku

        i mean who*

    46. urlocalhomielola

      sometimes i dont even laugh at the meme or video or whatever he was watching and reacting to, i laugh at JJ laughing idk why it makes me laugh so hard.

    47. Axecern

      Bryce isnt a clown, not even the circus, he is the whole theme park

    48. Kyana💜

      Bro KSI is going to knock out Bryce hall🥊

    49. bv bv

      ha ha ha😂😂😂😂😂😱

    50. anonymous

      I'm going into yr 11, shit's gonna b more stressful than a 4v1 on cod warzone in final circle🤣🤣

    51. LivingLifeLikeMicah

      JJ's laugh makes everything 10x better.

      1. rejeet

        Shut up clout caser

    52. LivingLifeLikeMicah

      The day is a banger when JJ uploads.

    53. Kevin _06

      What's happened to ksi's eyebrows

      1. Kevin

        @Kevin _06 Kevin....

      2. Kevin _06

        @Kevin Kevin....

      3. Kevin


    54. lilmuzivert_

      16:08 my man has been fighting ghosts and still got knocked out💀

    55. Dorsen Cani

      Uncle tobi

    56. Eduardo Garcia

      Bruce hall was actually not trying to box he wanted to hug people but trying not to be sus

    57. Jake White

      Ksi the best

    58. 808 Micks

      22:27 "Here we have a wild JJ Olatunji and KSI laughing at Bryce Hall" 😂😂

    59. Venmozz

      "I've gone into 40 street fights" But I lost all of the fights

      1. Ahmed ح

        I like how Bryce spoke so much and lost while Austin was just a casual guy to make bets and play normally lmao

    60. DJ MASTER


    61. SpeedRunner101


    62. Jack Winchester

      Omd I’m not even joking Bryce is a clown🤡😭😂

    63. Elias Amaya

      22:24 = JJ losing it.

    64. Andrew Tan

      When u put two times speed in his video from the start to the end it is so funny especially the laughter HAHAHA

    65. SHOTperfect

      20:50 THE BEST MOVEMENT OF KSI’s HRaero carrier

    66. Kyle Brecon

      We love to see it

    67. NutrientChair49

      At least gib didn’t bring out the crab again \ 😀 / -|- _ | _ | |

    68. SILVERram

      bryce didn't have millon dollar

    69. GamingwithElorm

      i dare u to fight austin

    70. GamingwithElorm

      youtubers are better than tiktokers

    71. w1spxr_official

      My mom thinks I jamed my brothers finger on ?purpose?

    72. Luc Dery

      "So if ur not gonna lose put a million dollars up like me" In a parallel universe"breaking news bryce fall is now broke af"

    73. Leeland 'The Panther' Ibarra

      14:28 is crowd cheering or laughing 21:25 look how his head moves

    74. Fyx_B3T4

      Hey im proud if bryce he did alot of work blocking the punches with his face

    75. Gemini John

      I bet he can't beta Beetlejuice lol

    76. § Demon § Fish §

      JJ u look cute and handsome dude💥💥

    77. Daljit P

      Vik look like joe wicks

    78. Anupam Sharma

      *BEAUTIFUL* G.R.

    79. •M A D Z•

      When he laughed at Bryce, it was the most satisfying thing that's happened to me all day.

    80. Eugene

      *Ive been over 40 matches of my nose getting broken*

    81. Luka Jelicic

      21:58 bryce is gonna need to pay his medicall bils

    82. hardhv

      Bryce Hall had 40 street fights but now he has 41 with a record of 0-41

    83. Doondon Big bong


    84. Best Acer

      you make my day dude lets go

    85. Luka Komso

      lmao he said mr undefeted hes litterly 1-1-0 unlike jake with hella skill an4-0

    86. Ayden McBride

      Jarvis fucking fucked up Bryce hall

    87. THAT guy


    88. Cj That’s tuff

      Umm I’m a fan but i don’t think u can beat Austin

    89. T0xic


    90. The skull ninjas

      You laughing at Bryce I laughing at your face

    91. summer metcalfe

      11:08 bold of you to assume we maintain good mental health jj

    92. HOT SHOT

      new idea jollibee mukbang

    93. kronkenhaus

      Watchout ksi dont get shot

      1. kronkenhaus


    94. aljer marientes.gegf2020

      yinka beats bryce yinka neva miss

    95. Elliott Pryce

      I keep watching this cos it's acc jokes

    96. mikey bubbub

      Be careful jj I heard the heavy weight division hard

    97. MAS_ Bloodhound

      I watch this video looking at shit so it can help me shit cough cough(Bryce hall)

    98. Mamma Mimmi

      how can you laugh at everything, I hardly can do it at all

    99. Torodoki fan

      KSI laughs makes me laughs when I’m sleeping

    100. Ryker pittman

      I can already see: Laughing at: ben askren