I Don't Know If I Can Laugh At This...

JJ Olatunji

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    1. Phil Turgeon

      Spiderman got me dead AF ☠️☠️☠️

    2. Abhimanyu J.

      9:23 you wouldnt get a million likes on a ylyl video anyway

    3. Leon Platt

      What's with the picture of Lorraine Kelly?

    4. Thatonecutegirlriya James

      You know that girl who didn’t know who hitler was she abused her daughter

    5. I make videos


    6. ism

      What I really love about KSI is he laughs at his own jokes, so hard 😂🤣

    7. Delano Smith

      What if ksi predicted the future about the comet

    8. The Harshtag

      16:22 Aye that's a test,And she passed! 😂

    9. Yo Son

      Why do you joke like that? Ffs

    10. T Rex

      Your laugh is contagious! 😂

    11. T.U.M.I

      7:39 Got me dead AF XD

    12. Someone

      Remeber when JJ use to tried not to laugh in these videos.

    13. Solo

      I havent learned about Mao Zedong until recently

    14. Pnw Oeno

      That was PSI 😂

    15. LzrTheBest

      Bro I love how dazedwoozy acts as JJ and also says he is edp445 😂

    16. Weenhar Mustafi

      Yo who’s that women in the frame behind the TV ?

    17. Jan Wilms

      12:16 that music was deadly bro

    18. Oreo_gaming

      6:24 what the hake that’s lidzard man

    19. AverageBB

      Guys… no one noticed rucka rucka Ali ?!?!?! That’s sick tbh hope KSI gives him a listen sometime

    20. Not Harry


    21. mania


    22. Gordon Jackson

      Whose that white lady in the picture behind ksi

    23. kenn playz

      Im confuse with the intro can somebody explain it to me Hello guy it's ksi dbsuavenLGBT that's what I hear but I need to be corrected

    24. Walter

      Hitlers music gets me gassed up🤣🤣

    25. Ryan Passmore

      Hitlers beats are fire

    26. Captian Winter

      Can i have that ps5 behind you?

    27. NIKTO

      6:03 is the best scene

    28. Thabang Makhayi

      That one of "equal arms" or "1 million" killed me 😂🤣🤣

    29. Nicholas Eaton

      6:20 Now that is something you don't see every day. 10/10 going onto the list of "Shit I did not expect to see at all".

    30. Patrick Tan


    31. De e Bosis

      12:12 ”super smash bros”

    32. Barack Gellineau

      I want to know the girl who said hitler was a rapper like for real like i dont know much history but at least i know who hitler is unlike her XD

    33. Mikasa Ackerman

      9:27 sus

    34. milk Official

      This was legit a bit weird bro ngl

    35. Maryam Zaman

      I’m not tryna make a fight happen

    36. Maryam Zaman

      Macbroom said why can’t we do you and Logan vs Bryce and him

    37. Monke man

      Hmm 🤨

    38. my man in the first clip pulled of a revers michael jackson

    39. Solaire Solalalalalemon

      “What are you doing step daddy?” “Yeah about that…I’m your real dad.” This world needs a comet.

    40. Kram Chancel

      Lil Hitler with a new song

    41. Zahra Abbas

      7:58 bruv look at the comment on the screen

    42. Silent ACE

      Join The Live www.twitch.tv/silentaceyt

    43. Crim{sin}

      Bro Those Lizards are doing A Spider-Man cosplay

    44. When he said the only person who can look at my d is me and parents I was like didn’t the bois see it

    45. YouTubeCyrax

      JJ sus

    46. Krypton Gaming

      The chair said "Nah, I'm done"

    47. Hagemanu OP

      hitler makes bomb music XD

    48. Nexro - Roblox

      JJ: Laughing. Rest of the room: .........

    49. Akshaj Chauhan

      Love from India🇮🇳🇮🇳

    50. mark hogwood

      Conspiracy theory hes not the real ksi he said ksi lives in England why didn't he say I live in England illuminati confirmed

    51. Stephen Fowler

      His laugh is funnier then the joke

    52. vert_CoDM

      sadly i have watched all the try not to laughs 🥲😭😭

    53. Duncan M

      Who is gonna tell those poor girls

    54. Ali Al-Akraa

      some guy said "he makes bomb music"

    55. Halfway to the only fans

    56. that gecko has all the clout in the world. Even yours now.

    57. Aleksander Majewski

      12:20 Super Smash Bros xd

    58. T K

      Songs shit

    59. Patrick

      Wish jj leaves his hair like this

    60. Blessed TF

      Hitler’s music is GAS amiright?🤩

    61. Mashup DRCH

      Can someone tell me the name of the song that spiderman danced on please? 🤣

    62. hunter


    63. Firewolf 00

      Ksi has to stop with these parents hike or we gonna actually believe him

    64. Firewolf 00

      Bro that Hitler one killed me 😂

    65. iceinmyvince13

      7:39 she is so stupid I already know Hitler when I was 8-9

    66. James D.walton

      Bro at 5:43 mans turned into an unlikable character

    67. Sebastian Ratcliffe

      Good video mate keep up the job

    68. flame blaze

      Ayoo thats sus

    69. Gobly Gooker

      Belongs on the streets

    70. Haytch

      Ksi: ksi lives in England * takes a minute to realise * Ksi: I live in England

    71. PandaPieBoy

      I do not condone this joke also jj: laughing his ass off while saying that

    72. Riadh Hadj Ali

      1.28 he turned to sh5t man 😂😂😂

    73. Luke Richards

      smash bros

    74. Cake_ Torta

      At 3:56 what tf is jj sayin mate

    75. Nick Pape

      Hitler would've been a sick rapper name though ngl

    76. Julia R. Thomas

      M a s k o f f w e b, are so the best

    77. Julia R. Thomas

      M a s k o f f w e b are so the best

    78. BLACK MEMES .

      It have become super smash browse

    79. Cerilya Blaze

      JJ: you know what who cares i'll f**ck my parents as well Me: sweet home alabama

    80. Jbros Gaming

      "shank-over" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    81. Marek Garbaczonek


    82. XxDragonMaster Roblox

      Make you're laugh's make other people laugh KSI: *yes*

    83. __Sophie_ x

      Is this the video that got you your second warning JJ 😂😂😂

    84. Om Patel

      yo why does jj have a bald spot under his beard like wtf 😭

    85. Kirtis Slade

      Not a big fan of the music but the dudes laugh puts me in 😭

    86. Sankh Sharma

      Ayoo he lookin like Kendrick lamar’s lite version👀

    87. Zorana Popović

      9:34 and simon

    88. Helmyri Kvasir


    89. ItsShiFuヅ

      why aren't you using your right hand? tf?


      3:34 you are evil by laughing at this

    91. William Purvis

      Why do you have a picture of Lorraine Kelly behind your TV?

    92. The Blue One


    93. Joshuah Jimenez

      Wow dazedwoozy is In there

    94. Witch Hands Studio

      Rucka rucka Ali made some fucking bangers back in the day

    95. Tommaso Soldati

      12:04 super smash bros

    96. Lucky theres a Family guy

      4:37 edp445? 😂😂

    97. Hunter Wiese

      Love ksi, so good at his job, lifting everyone up

    98. Ahmed Mohamed

      The first video was filmed in Maldives lol😂😂

    99. RIDWAN


    100. That one squirrel _UwU

      me not actually laughing at the viedos, but at his laugh..