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    1. Urbdund Dindjdnd


    2. Alex Masion

      Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.

    3. Spencer Zach Sangueza

      This is what i like to family

    4. Grim Jr

      HAHAHAHA this is funny🤣

    5. Deesh Weather

      Let’s get this to a mill likes guys

    6. Philly Fan All day

      Ksi should be the coach for deji

    7. Simon Nikolla

      Respect 👊🏿

    8. Anthony ANTACID

      Aye I respect this dude .took no time for him to grow on me and now I respect his patta

    9. gaming 3D

      holy nearly 1 mil likes!!!

    10. Courier of God

      God bless you all, love eachother and care for those before they get into danger. Much love and I never watched your videos in years, it is good to see you again.

    11. Kunal Thakur

      Respect for Vinnie Hacker for using Pain's theme 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

      1. Dogzlyy


    12. 『 黒 』

      True Love For Family!

    13. Daniel Alabi

      All I can say is that I'm glad JJ made this video because it seems very motivational but I also think deji did a bit better than his last fight but JJ is definitely right

    14. Abdullah Ahamed

      Huge respect to KSI!!!!!

    15. Roby Saab

      He doesn’t have a relationship with God that’s why

    16. Roby Saab

      Jesus doesn’t help the ppl who help them selves were did u get that from KSI??

    17. Muhammad Hasan

      Ksi and Logan Paul: Love their little bros Deji and Jake Paul: Only care for themselves

    18. Tavershima Apel

      When I see Ksi I remember my elder brother and I will always try my best to make him happy and live up to be someone like you 🥺🙏🏽

    19. Lord Lilanth

      In the beginning he says some nf lyrics 💪🌟( fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on you)

    20. Heyitsmeang

      Deji: I train 5 times a day JJ: Where, in McDonald?

    21. Ryan Jaison

      Get this vid to 1 million likes.

    22. Payton Kent

      You people really be covering for Ksi. He acts like he cares about his brother because everybody knows they are not talking so he’s doing it straight for clout and it’s not like he’s a great person. What kind of world we live in? How is everyone so easily deceived... smh

      1. Old KSI Videos

        if he wants clout , he wont go against deji lmao. Stupid analogy of yours.

    23. Nylinxton

      Did Deji even watch this?

      1. Old KSI Videos

        Yes they met up They made a video , it's in deji's channel.

    24. nassim azzabi

      Respect to Ksi

    25. Comedy Fan

      When Deji took the knee, the ref actually did a black power salute without realising 👌

    26. Comedy Fan

      The “12 years a slave” reference actually felt that, but it was hella funny! Nice one KSI - good chat

    27. locked_ toxic

      Amazing brother work man respect

    28. omar ALmaimani


    29. Mohammad Anas

      JJ spitting facts. ACTUAL FACTS

    30. 1Chxnce Lxnce

      Ksi is clearly going at Dunya here mostly.

    31. 1Chxnce Lxnce

      0:22 ksi sounding like Baine out ere

    32. Watching Youtube

      man was brutal 😝

    33. Xdhandybelt

      As soon as he said we saw you lose, lose (the song) came up lol

    34. Shusui

      and hes not fat shaming his brother hes just being realistic in a sport u have to be fit in a sport except like sumo 😂

    35. mason smith

      End of the day you got paid. Social gloves 👀

    36. Scarlet Delta

      This vid boutta get a million views

    37. frankie welch

      The fact you feel you have to work harder because of your skin colour is awful. I enjoy pretty much everything you do man . Its the 21st century and the fact people are still racist is just disgusting. You just do you man and i hope everything carries on being awesome for you.

    38. Harry Terepo

      Bruh jj making me wanna ask for a rematch so I can fight vinnie

    39. Roblox with Mahaadev

      Deji in the next fight smack the SHIT out THE guy

    40. Mikkel Witt Andersen

      Deji was good just to slow and bad form

    41. Vivek Vaswani

      Its a shame he said that he has to work 4times harder than a normal person just because of colour. Big ups💪

    42. Abdelrahman Suliman

      Did you sleep with your eyes open after what lil chungus said

    43. MartialWarlocks

      What is sus and what is it that we can get it back from our end of our contract as we are in the process for our mortgage and we have to pay the full amount in the next few weeks and we can get the money paid by the end of the week and we can pay

    44. Willgamez

      1. MartialWarlocks

        What is sus and what is it that we can get it back from our end of our contract as we are in the process for our mortgage and we have to pay the full amount in the next few weeks and we can get the money paid by the end of the week and we can pay

    45. Tony Stank

      0:16 bro when ksi said “lose” a card popped up and it was the song lose. Mo your a legend.

    46. Ayushi Goswami

      The saddest part of all of this is that KSI had to put out a public video to make Deji realise his mistakes.

    47. Muncow

      Best brother evER!!!

    48. Ave Ngwenze

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I'm laughing at this.

    49. TheKidGamer

      Where in McDonald’s

    50. unparked smile

      All in all Deji has some fast hands he just needs to take it seriously

    51. Shane Prasad

      W Brudda

    52. crackedboib

      He never stopped he went hard on deji

    53. M.S Gaming

      00:9 we dont like deji we hate deji

      1. Zuhaib Ul haq


    54. Preston Decherong

      First Jake now a fricking tik toker

    55. Wesam_way

      if JJ isnt in dejis corner in his next fight , imma be mad

    56. Hashim Azani

      The BLM got me 😂 hahaa ✊🏿 Wish I could say at least deji trued

    57. Funky donuts

      This feels like detention

      1. Aaryan Gambhir


    58. Loanna Luv

      Ngl I come back to this video pretty often when I catch myself slacking

    59. KreeTheGreat

      This is what the bus ride home is like after a bad game and the coach is just going off


      Must respect for being honest

    61. Random Guy

      damn even though this is for Deji, but it's so very very inspiring!

    62. kiddynamite

      Lovingly brother

    63. InstaKill195

      its unfortunate knowing deji wasn't in shape

    64. Typical Hachiman

      JJ did not understand deji very well. Deji ment that he worked out 5 days in total, not five times a day. This makes a lot more sense.

    65. Bryce Adams

      I really respect JJ for doing this. Coming from a guy where my brother couldn’t give 2 shits about me, this is something that every big brother should do. Give their little brother the advice and tough love that he needs when it’s the most impactful. Good looks man💪

    66. Khodr dennaoui

      Can we just be impressed that he knows history dame man turned on his knowledge when he knew his black leaders

    67. Major

      I expected him to have abs like u bruh

    68. nhlanganosk

      Jesus couldn't save you 😂😭😭😭

    69. Buci o

      Jj got so disappointed he started making me feel like I was deji 😭😭

    70. Lucas Yeet

      8:03 this got me laughing so hard

    71. Jeremiah Schoch


    72. Pradeep Kurapati

      This is not just for Deji but for everyone searching for motivation. When you are done watching this video, go back to YOUR grind.

    73. シRyder

      I feel like most of this can be applied to most of us, if that happens you know it’s a good message.

    74. Jenson Weston

      Normally I don't like tiktoker but congrats to vinnie for winning

    75. Julian Salehi

      Almost a million likes

    76. Phoenix

      I watch this video sometimes if i feel like i am wasting time and it gets me going. U are a great brother man hope your brother sees it that way

    77. PlAyBoI GAMER YT

      Respect you after this you a real brother keep showing love

    78. FS2 YEET

      This was a 9 minute rant worth watching


      Dayum this is inspiring

    80. Mikey2Time

      U have to work twice as hard bc ur black? Lol that's a joke... u get pushed to the top BC your black.. what a joke

      1. isoll cg

        @Old KSI Videos Ye I know, but most of them do

      2. Old KSI Videos

        @isoll cg man if I had to choose between football and jj it would be football any day. It's not all football twitter users that do itm

      3. isoll cg

        @Old KSI Videos football Twitter, if you watch his video where he looks at people calling him the n word, it’s basically all people with a football player at their profile picture

      4. Toni Cipriani

        @Old KSI Videos yeah but those are 12 year calling him the n word, ignore em they just want anttention lol

      5. Old KSI Videos

        Lmao people hate him coz he's black just go on twitter, you'll find a lot of those ppl

    81. nobukindacool

      Ngl this made me think about my life

    82. Sandro Costa

      Can't stop playing Oblivion - Harvest Dawn every time I look back at this it was a sad loss... but I will always support Deji... no matter how many times he loses. He just needs to stay strong get back up and believe more in himself. He has lots of fans out there who love him.

    83. Edna Ettey

      This actually has promoted the fight

    84. Edna Ettey

      Some serious roasting here😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

    85. Tim.otaii

      i listen to this when working out, makes me do shit 2x more

    86. Santino Mozzarella

      i'm still super pissed off how deji fooled his fans into thinking he was this boxing talent lmao. he literally fooled every single one of his fans. he said he was training hard, he was a lot better than his first fight, constantly getting better and better just to expose himself at the end like that. what a joke of a person

      1. Santino Mozzarella

        also i can't be the only one that just senses these lies that come out of deji's mouth. the dude gives off sus vibes in nearly everything he says. i just know he's saying those things to sound hard


      "you said you trained five times a day" "Where mCdOnALdDs? I m fkin dead ya'll 😭😭

    88. pranay rai

      Real life Itachi

    89. Willgamez


    90. Mr. Lopez

      He said put blacks a 100 years back lmfao but respects you checked your brother good job

    91. Olivia

      Ion like ksi but he funny asf 😂😂😂

    92. XD Afraaz

      F we

    93. Zack Drew

      Good job

    94. Tennessee Elliott

      That’s it I’ma call Deji out imma call it already I’ll fight u and knock u out round 2

    95. Jacob Kessler

      U know he cares when he didn’t make the video 10 min

    96. MurryCoolz

      “I hate being seen as the good guy”

    97. Chris Birkin

      bruh, not every black person is born without privilege 😂

    98. lenny

      Remember kids hardwork beats talent

    99. Nayef Alhajraf


    100. The strongest Mortal

      Damn , this is the truth of the truth