Jake Paul's Tiktok at me was...

JJ Olatunji

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    1. MasterReplier


    2. LAZARD

      13:53 aww man you just ruining it, you're ru- look at my lips, YOU'RE RUINING IT

    3. Not Harry

      bru tiktok

    4. Remz 999

      KSI with the VISIT RWANDA ARSENAL JERSEY come visit rwanda sometime maybe do a concert

    5. Liviu

      2:24 u can get wifi from that shit XD


      KSI not conforming to cancel culture? Don't even know this kid, but he deserves a sub.

    7. D Gaming with music

      You JJ like chill on Jake he is just trying to b entice fam.

    8. Christopher Quiridumbay

      13:32 i was drinking water and this part made me spit it out

    9. Adnan_1H4

      JJ: I'm going to be stingy with my awards 1 second laters JJ: TAPA AWARD FOR YOU!!!!

    10. Soha Star

      HRaero can't take this away

    11. Soha Star

      The app HRaero and never use it he is amazing and so funny I love coming back from school and watching his videos

    12. Soha Star

      If JJ is kicked of HRaero I will delete it

    13. eioshen boboi

      I wonder how he hasn't been ban yet to the countless amount of kids he has endangered in his vids list of kids: jake paul, Austin Mcbroom, Bryce hall, etc...

    14. Banana Banana

      Those little kids could beat up Bryce hall

    15. KopfJäger

      I don’t care if he gets banned as long as he makes another account lmaoo

    16. Kayden Jr

      Even if jj created another channel he would’ve got 10 million easy

    17. inaayah Jannah

      why is he laughing and smiling that his channel is gonna get deleted shouldnt he be worried

      1. eioshen boboi

        My friend got his account suspened because he was in the KSI roblox concert and said abc if racist and someone said abc.

    18. TheGamingEnthusiastic

      0:08 don't say it again

    19. seeni gzty

      you're only looking for darkness, darkness is the only thing you'd see.

    20. Kathleen Tukiri

      ksi looking at the vid be like hey guys wait here ill be back oh yea

    21. :D

      Breh if this channel gets terminated I'll literally hang myself

    22. The Blue One


    23. Lora Geiger

      Its like he wants his channel gone lol homie needs a break..

    24. wuoi zuiu

      The day is a banger when JJ uploads.

      1. seeni gzty

        jj:- Stinjy

    25. toxic boy 22

      Jake Paul is better

      1. MKR Charley


    26. doge

      6:07 i was eating

    27. Zander Coulthard

      13:55 the clock changed at the same tome

    28. Stjepan Pitlović

      Look ksi, jake is the man now, stop pretending like your not scared, you were saying stuf abaut his newest fight. Im subbed to you but just first look at your self then others

      1. Pika no boots

        Jj would kill him

      2. wuoi zuiu

        Why does your stubble look like you're wearing a surgical mask beneath your chin? Would it not be better to make your entire face baby smooth?

    29. He clicked downvote right when the hour changed. It is literally on the exact same frame. 14:03

    30. MR.RUBARB

      My friend got his account suspened because he was in the KSI roblox concert and said abc if racist and someone said abc.

    31. ortomy



      12:46 That wasnt very convincing JJ

    33. Rubin Tahiraj

      I just have a question who tf dislikes youtube vids

    34. Louis Min hein

      Off topic:where is just 2019 haur

    35. jakob remixs


    36. exstatic

      josh was doing a madness

    37. Sachin Patel

      jj:- Stinjy

    38. Sachin Patel

      he's alive - From future

    39. Julia R. Thomas

      M a s k o f f w e b, are so the best

    40. Julia R. Thomas

      M a s k o f f w e b are so the best

    41. Gareth

      Why does your stubble look like you're wearing a surgical mask beneath your chin? Would it not be better to make your entire face baby smooth?

    42. Mich McGuire

      Yo lmao 🤣 why he pretend like A. He didn’t see the incest porn title and B. That ain’t the reason he watched it

    43. Tinus Janse van Rensburg

      your first strike was on my birthday

    44. Masonchillout

      No matter how many years that goes by youtube will strike channels that dont do bad shit at all

    45. ikxnic on 60 fps

      G got a palm tree growing on his head

      1. Addyson Maren

        watchgirls18. com i’m still blown over that stupid paul mans thinking he compares to an idol like Ali. I hope jake realizes at his all time BEST he could be close to mcgregor’s rep (that’s a compliment)

    46. mangoez


    47. Saucy Jonathan

      New channel ?

    48. why?

      if jj ge termed we will lost a meme god

    49. Path Zaveri

      7:27. So true

    50. Kid

    51. Ammar Guled

      Wait I think jake trying to be a hypocrite and ‘duck’ jk bruh mans shook

    52. Abdrahmane Fikri

      10:59 these boys are the grandytwins

    53. Aditya Sharma

      indian tv serial parodies should be internationally recognized as inevitable

    54. It’sジェイクさん

      Damn jj is an arsenal fan. Absolute pain

    55. Ultimatedoug


    56. hoodini

      That kid has more punch power than Alex Wassabi

      1. Aisha Jade

        watchgirls18. com JJ has an extremely successful HRaero career, had made rap songs with huge names, and could become a professional boxer. Respect.

    57. Ryoukuu RahQuaZah.

      Nah ain't no way my man is gona get banned 🤣🤣🤣🎻🎻💀💀.

    58. babysantana ♪


    59. Cod Brown

      How on earth is he wearing that shirt

    60. Edwin Chamba

      "I'll do it later 👀👀👀" 😂😂😂

    61. ancient troll

      one lil misspell and the phrase meaning has changed, grammar is a wonder

    62. Hellene Martin

      Why did he get striked

    63. Kev

      6:10 JJs last strike 🥲

    64. sandile mavimbela

      Josh is looking kinda sus

    65. monke dad

      He does not give a single damn in the world about his channel getting removed 😂😂

    66. PuppyBlue

      This is why i think personally yt is full of $h!t

    67. Abdu_Official

      Only thing I have to say is 🪑

    68. Mohammad irfan

      what happened to jj's arm?

    69. Elijah Irving

      Anyone else notice right when he press the downvote button the hours changed on the comment? 14:04

    70. jair escobedo

      4:48 he literally posed again like in that pic 😂

    71. Mr. Troll

      Every time Jake Paul talked grippin them big ol cheeks hraero.info/contact/17F3mIKoyJLWvsw/video

    72. RIC

      Me listening To JJ laugh in 0.25 speed lol

    73. Renify


    74. Monty Zylinski

      11:15 even he is struggling to remember

    75. Michael Certeza

      who else knows he watched the video at 6:40 on his own time

    76. TheMobile Gamer

      6:55 everyone pause and go check with JJ

    77. I Speak 4 the Dead

      What’s an Indian serial?

    78. GRXODT

      Look honestly if you guys wanna remove Ksi a video from a year ago called one roast go when multiple words that are said against guidelines but just let the man be he entertains let him do his job

    79. akbro gaming

      Can any one give me JJ's reditt link

    80. Apoll0

      R.I.P KSI 😔🕊🪦

    81. Evan Lewis

      Jj lived long enough to see himself become the villan with the jake paul beef

      1. Anahi Frances

        watchgirls18. com JJ not worrying about his channel possibly getting removed is a sign of how much money he’s making from his music and boxing

    82. Mr Gum Gaming

      Happiest person on this world jj

    83. Johnnathon Outsey

      Swear to God the funniest shit of years with his dumb ass it’s cereal instead of Series

    84. Sai Prasad Rao

      he said Neva because Justin Beiber said never say never and jb was on team Logan

    85. Aniketh MK

      7:40 true stuff all Indian serials are like that

    86. Aniketh MK


    87. AJames

      Im so much happier to be a gunner now thank you ksi

    88. Krono

      [ 14:04 ] The time changes from 10h to 11h when JJ downvotes, irreverent but thought it was kind of interesting

    89. Bob 01

      yo the old KSI is back. I hope he doesn't go and ruin it by boxing again, and instead collabs with his brother.

    90. Flores Matripy

      The strike though,they should take a piss braah 😂😂

    91. m3r

      I’ll unfollow later “JJ 👀

    92. LivingLifeLikeMicah

      The day is a banger when JJ uploads.

      1. Alia Carolyn

        watchgirls18. com Why would anyone hate JJ he is litterly so funny Edit:I have a racist person in my replys

    93. JJ Olatunji


    94. Jakub Izydorczyk

      He will go to twitch 😂😂

    95. Lee Taylor

      tell us where you ar moving when that happens, because it will happen , youtube is shit now for creators anyway, will watch you there. and if you want to go the way linus went and make somthing like floatplane. hit me up id be down for that

    96. Cesar

      I only disliked for the cat pun

    97. Maria Breonna

      I’ll literally fight everyone and their mothers if JJ gets his channel removed. 😃

    98. LushShi


    99. Jack Browne

      Mans got a tree on his hed

    100. Jack Browne

      HRaero if you see this if you delete this man's channel and you got a mad man after you so get your brain to the mechanic and stop strikeing him for a child stubing his toe and singing in pane OK the person hoo created youtube you are stooped