Try Not To Laugh (Crypto Edition)

JJ Olatunji

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    1. arsalan rozegar


    2. Lucifers Angel

      My mans got Norton. Security of the PC master race. Respect.

    3. N1arda

      Lol... jjs predictions are really bad

    4. Harvey_MilliHertz

      why dont you decorate your room lol just got everything on the floor

    5. Chris Fontenot

      A for a dolphin Actually comedy genius

    6. yakup farah

      Mo searching a dip in crypto hhhh

    7. Sirena Rizz

      Still waiting for the meme coin video 💀

    8. Mark Freeman

      Load the Korea FUD Load the China FUD Load the COVID FUD......he sold! Now, pomp eet.

    9. Penny Bennett

      C U Y.

    10. Winnie the poo

      Gday mate that's ma shit

    11. vex

      CC: Name 3 *countries* outside America Baldski: *Easy* . China, *Australia* and England

    12. Fresh Sodaa

      Fun fact: ksi is just as trash at fighting as bryce

    13. Krishna Basude

      Who was the famous tik tokker at 5:50 ?

    14. Kalani Liddall Sua

      Name 3 Countries outside of America KSI: Easy, China, Australia and *England* (I know you mean the UK)

    15. Nate Lesher


      1. KILLERFRILL Amv

        no shit

    16. D3jx


    17. kearne joy

      What the fucked happened to tommy bruz

    18. Trelleq

      I want to eat toast

    19. SEUS Sildurs

      JJ: "AyO tOmMy ChIlLLLLL""

    20. AffableAussie

      This channel has the wrong name

    21. Dave E.

      Took me 15 mins to get through the french clip

    22. Skylar Long

      this man literally explained my crypto experience

    23. ssaannuuu

      Where's the memecoin video? Still waiting...

    24. Harrison Daugherty

      KSI Lasted 0:00-1:01

    25. Just a mindless Idiot

      the bryce hall one was the best one

    26. Anonymous Anonymous

      Babe you're taking a piss

    27. Jijge Tsaschikher

      Mate i was trying to look try not to cringe but its age restricted

    28. Aidyn Fang

      8:30 that was my mates team that beat them

    29. Simos rana magar

      Tommy part is best 😂😂😂😂 lol

    30. Siddharth Burman

      China is an L man ffs

    31. Siddharth Burman

      3 months later, it's looking amazing, took mad profit off ethereum, I'm chuffed

    32. Josh T

      Australia is a COUNTRY

    33. it's RyZeFN

      Anyone else going to old videos cause he isn’t up loading🥲

    34. Vittorio casali

      I’m back now with everything doubled

    35. BigBoiRage96 _

      for me it’s just a black screen

    36. Nightwalker

      At this point I think the try not to laugh is for us trying not to laugh at JJ's laugh

    37. Vikram Srinivas Nithyanandam

      i hope no one reports the crypto edition gun shooting meme

    38. michaeljdale

      How jj says the guy sounds like Tommy even though Tommy has a northern Nottingham accent and the guy on the tiktok has a southern accent

    39. Scidja

      5:18 australia isnt a country tho

      1. Minh Pham

        It's a country and a continent, the continent referring to it, Tasmania, and new Zealand I think.

    40. Syed Jafar

      disappointing the aussies

    41. No One

      Ayo Tommy chill TF😂😂😂 4:52

    42. farhan munawar

      Crypto is back to the previous levels..soooo

    43. Fizzler Freeborn

      Bizonacci is a legend

    44. fadi23king

      I'm from Algérie 🇩🇿 i love you jj

    45. stets uninu

      Me: This isn't funny KSI: This is funny Me: This is funny

    46. Blabber Bub

      JJ at this point you might as well rebrand it to, "laughing at funny videos"

    47. HD42 Gaming

      Danny Duncan vs KSI ?????

    48. lil dweeb

      Dingle berrie

    49. Invalid Man

      4:36 tommyinnit puberty

    50. Donwin L. Cueva

      Me still waiting for the video JJ made putting money into meme coins and see what happens in two weeks

    51. khaled aldoraee


    52. khaled aldoraee


    53. MeisterJohnny007

      5:46 Now I am curious for which joke he was cancelled. I like Dark Humor, so I probably would think it's funny too.

    54. Celina Williams

      *Only those who are wise will maximise the advantage in the inflation in the crypto world because the higher the coin the higher the profit*

      1. Linda Graham

        With Ms Felicia trading is profitable

      2. Celina Williams


      3. Celina Williams

        T E LE G R AM Felicia

      4. Saria Adem

        I am not hearing her testimonies for the first time but I am seriously scared due to my first experience. how do I contact Felicia your broker

      5. Alice Collins

        Trading crypto has become a lucrative way of making money and i'm grateful to my account manager Felicia Lincoln. Such a genius.

    55. MeisterJohnny007

      If the value crashes you have to invest even more! Who the heck would sell in that situation?

    56. Ritayan Roy

      Just watching these cuz SUSAN won't let him post 😭😭

    57. Christian987

      so there's is a game that making turnamen with price 100.000 2.nd 75.000 3.rd 50.000 4th - 10th 20 cryptochip

    58. KingVQ

      4:49 **That one was a violation, and personally I wouldn't have it**

    59. amadou kabir

      I am from Chad 🇹🇩, c'mon JJ we are neighbors with Nigeria. It's big and right in the center of Africa, you can't miss it when you take the map 😊

    60. Nelly Matrix1


    61. Nelly Matrix1

      2:06 BRUUUH WHEN HE SAID "Bumpy Ride" it reminded me of the Shrunken Head from *Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban* KSI Look it up Bruv

    62. Blasphemian

      Missing old FIFA days….

    63. Âñkît

      🙂🙂 nice

    64. Raheem Forester


    65. Uversusog


    66. GlitcherNotFound

      The first one didn’t make me laugh

    67. Sashi Wara


    68. MellowCorn1965

      KSI took the BogPill

    69. The Blue One


    70. NAV DHL


    71. Tony Figueira

      1 week later I LOST £7,000,000

    72. Mr. Gilbert

      8:26 ahahaha, I’m from Australia as well and we had to play the brisbane roar side who had recently won the premiership. Their team consisted of the Aussie captain as well as a goalkeeper who won the women’s ballon dor or some shit like that. We won 5-2 with me scoring a god awful pen against her, and we scored 2 own goals. This was when we were 14. We also finished 3rd last in the Queensland league lol. We were shithouse

    73. Joe

      5:03 when jj says platinum

    74. Josuke Higashikata

      0:56 is that the same place as the gingers have souls video?

    75. Sagar Deshpande


    76. George Z

      Australia is a continent 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

      1. Minh Pham

        It's a continent and a country, the continent includes it self, Tasmania and new Zealand I believe

    77. Balint Eross

      I had a 50% loss on crypto today. I still laughed though. Its too accurate

    78. Viral VG

      I only need one punch

    79. KissMyAxe

      11:16 when you let an eggy one rip and nobody knows it was you

    80. iamalsoijd

      14:14 rogue back at it again. amazing 😂😂...

    81. No No

      he said Australia is a country i cant

      1. Ted Gsf a w

        @No No its a country in the continent oceania

      2. Ted Gsf a w

        @No No 😂😂😂

      3. No No

        @Ted Gsf a w no it's a continent

      4. Ted Gsf a w

        It is

    82. ProdbyAnt

      you're clapped.

    83. Michael Robertson

      6:20 he reacted to dat before I'm sure

    84. futbol WG

      I am muslim

    85. Salma Baaziz

      Nah nah the funniest part that I almost cried on was when the guy saw those two black people🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    86. WeeKyle15


      1. JabrielDaitaro3214

        Shut up cringe spammer

      2. WeeKyle15


      3. WeeKyle15


      4. WeeKyle15


      5. WeeKyle15


    87. utbah noor

      imagine in chad there were all chads

    88. Qubo

      Hello, if you are going through tough times, don’t worry, God is with you and has a plan for you. God created you and put you into his world Jesus died on the cross for you, and your sins and mistakes God loves you and your family, never give up in these tough times No matter what things you are going through, God with be with you all the way God bless you and your family.

      1. JabrielDaitaro3214

        Stop spamming and uhhhh thx?

    89. Encrypted 007

      Yo hold up, can we just talk about how many things JJ has open in the background

    90. Mia Costanzo

      8:28 im from Australia and BRUH THAT WAS A VIO MY G lmfao

    91. FrostyVFX

      JJ should do a, “try to laugh” (Jake Paul edition)

    92. mocha

      at this point it should be called “try to not laugh”

    93. Noah Frost

      Video: Name three countries outside America JJ: Oh easy Also JJ: *says two countries and one continent*😂😂

    94. AjaySlayz

      Consistent my ass

    95. thisbedisallwet

      No hand on his left hand proceeds to show his right arm without the hand

    96. Hyphen

      "Ur not the sky, and your not the sunset... Ur clapped." 😂😂😂

      1. Flocka Flame

        where is that from?

    97. Supreme

      The confused men adventitiously need because philippines amazingly chase by a hulking alloy. berserk, boundless line


      The end can’t wait to see that fight

    99. The Bat

      That crypto marketing part.. Can someone explain it too me ? I kinda dont get it