I was trending on an adult website...

JJ Olatunji

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      but its ok i love loud things

    2. avya master

      this is the 12th time im watching this video, when will the new videos gonna come out

    3. Slitz


    4. deepani renuka

      i think KSI living in a sound proof building

    5. Erik Ocepek

      Harry on the screen Ksi:we got tobi here hhaha😂

    6. Tycoon J


    7. MadCurry7

      Me watching ksi ag 2 am Ksi screming My parents: tf is wrong with you

    8. Binding Ghost

      I wish i could have went to that performance it looked lowkey fire

    9. The Blue One

      9:57 can anyone link me the full vid?.......pls 😞

      1. GasMaskDude

        Its already a full video

    10. Kalen Lott

      JJ went mad for the intro 😂

    11. Arber Kutllovci

      KSI: "Lets get staright into this" Also KSI: "BEFORE WE GET INTO THIS"

    12. Lisa Paul


    13. ë

      The starting 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    14. Rising Gamer


    15. Mojo Deadman

      Jake Paul had another fight? Never heard anything about it, he's that irrelevant

      1. ENB

        Reasons why you should not open links by bots. hraero.info/contact/po6iwmmFo6eUxZk/video

    16. Vince Blas

      10:14 made me laugh 😂

    17. 72ms

      Could u come to sweden and do an concert

    18. Mr Birb

      I actually searched "KSI"on the adult website just to make sure

    19. Divyansh k

      Did anybody notice jj use already used window 10

    20. hardiikkk xoxo

      Mom - go play with neighbour's kid That kid - 0:04

    21. Instagram viral

      KSI Compares British And Nigeria Snacks hraero.info/contact/yYN9zoyW2tCq1Jk/video

    22. Luca Alsop


    23. Pablo

      15:45 ksi looks like aubameyang with the beard

    24. Harris Peter-Tennant

      *11:54* the guy holding the mic kinda looks like a bald vik

    25. rxay

      The intro made me laugh

    26. Lewis Wilson

      I have forcefully stopped myself from watching ksi for months to have something to watch the first video and the intro had me in stitches 😂😂

    27. BVLCK

      Imagine Ji vs his dad in boxing

    28. Criminal

      not reddit

    29. Appp

      Someone should release a jj video but only his voice cracks

    30. Macauley Hughes

      "I'm gonna get straight into this" ONE SECOND LATER "BEFORE WE GET INTO THIS!!"

    31. Introverted Asian

      7:58 tobi?

    32. Wqwq Qwqw

      You are un normal bro go to sleep now!

    33. Vincent Dangツ


    34. Sitro Raposas

      0:27 my man have sus eyes

    35. liam_gamercrazy

      7:57 uhm jj i never knew harrys name was tobi

    36. Haspin105

      Ayo, RedTube is the sh*t!

    37. Nikola Zekovic

      The into tho🤣🤣🤣

    38. Josh Evason

      Clicks on vid… turns volume all the way down.. jeeze man is loud lol

    39. MrNugz

      God & Jesus forever & always my friends ❤️

    40. Not Harry


    41. Agir Man

      Jus cant believe how much u've made it jj......shit man i still cant believe i was watching stupid kid opening packs to what u are now famm.....u jus give me the chill brother

      1. blenzic

        He doesn’t know you

    42. husky curls


    43. Slide Trix

      Is he still boxing ?

    44. Theodor Blazelius


    45. Benny

      Jj thinking he is Freddie Mercury not to sing on a show lol

    46. F*ck off

      4:38 vik destroyed it😂😂

    47. Isra.phil_photography

      Did he just call Harry, Tobi ? 🤣😂

    48. The_fella69

      Logan Paul knows how it feels mate

    49. buddy lemley

      the begenning

    50. Arjie Diaz

      Almost rewatch all video from 3weeks ago because ksi is lazy and consistent human beings

    51. eioshen boboi

      they rly thought vik "wasn't old enough" and a week later he got his own mansion 5:00

    52. Aine Fallon

      The intro was better then the whole video

    53. notguymckl

      Hey ar u the best boxer ever or mike Tyson becouse u ar just the smolest guy on the boxing

    54. Bongo KittyOfficial


    55. Devon

      The intro is just 👌

      1. eioshen boboi

        7:58 did he call Harry , toby 🤣

    56. Rock girl

      jj's hair untied makes him look like a whole new person.

    57. charlotte House

      7:58 …Tobi??? Bro that’s harry 😂😂

    58. Dylan C

      JJ: less than 5 “Puts up 4 fingers”

    59. Aaron Flores

      6:15 funny how i bet you at least one person in that crowd has said the n word

    60. Euan Kane

      he looks like he was wearing pants for someone 6ft tall. they do not fit

      1. Rock girl

        Thats hilarious💀💀

    61. Syazwan

      we can clearly see that jj is tired n sleepy af but he still makes time to record a 2nd channel vid for us big up jj

    62. XploGaming

      The guy who dont have intro in his channel

      1. 17 Edden Fernandes


    63. Mellonin Man

      Another week another two week break

    64. Renae Kuhn


      1. 17 Edden Fernandes

        @Renae Kuhn hraero.info/contact/1YOfwqZ_s6qTu5E/video

      2. Renae Kuhn


    65. Jacob Guilfoyle

      7:58 did he call Harry , toby 🤣

    66. I stop watching for 3 weeks come back and there’s only 2 new videos

    67. Yuri FF

      He is gay 1000%

    68. mangomane csvr

      i catched the fatneek at second try

    69. Rashid Rashid

      Ok 👍 good

    70. Ármin Kovács

      Bro, quick-check the list of cities you're going to tour in... I'm pretty sure it's Oslo and not Olso :)

    71. zoerel

      KSI looked like he had to do it to him (1:09)

    72. Davis Cardona Arroyo

      Thats hilarious💀💀

    73. Sarah Ashman

      lmao, jj accidentally said 'Tobi' instead of Harry xD

    74. هماوندي / Hmaondi

      7:57 tobi ?



    76. Chris Garcia

      why do you cough everytime you laugh

    77. Isaac C.

      Who else is here cause he hasn’t uploaded in TWO FUCKING WEEKS !!!!

    78. corrupted

      Is the Roblox man :-)

    79. Bran Rahman

      Hey gais out there .. where you guys comefrom? Please comment down below 🙏🏾

    80. OMAR


    81. Ghost Reaper

      Jj really got a silver tooth #oldneek 0:06

    82. sehhi vooty

      10:18 It’s how quickly he sits down after coming out of nowhere 😂😂😂 had me in stitches

      1. Chirag

        Totally not copied

    83. RxzorRixxy clips

      I love bbc

    84. Ultimate Cloth

      Let’s check their monthly listeners

    85. Jackson Fry

      JJ has a son

    86. Ezekiel Vega

      i didnt even know redtube was a thing

      1. sehhi vooty

        7:57 Me: Can we have tobi Mom: we have tobi at home

    87. Jackson Fry

      The other kiddos KSI

    88. Erfan Heydari

      Bruh he said Tobi instead of Harry 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

    89. Derick Miguel Esguerra

      Give me your Ps5

    90. Phantom

      not pablo hitler

    91. Ryan Modi

      JJ, I’m watching this video at 3 am. My volume was only at half, and I had to turn it all the way down because of your intro. 😐 chill the fuck out💀💀

    92. MaxiWyWy

      7:58 harry is now tobi

    93. AngleSpoggle

      Ayooooo it’s ksi the music artist

    94. Âñkît

      Jake is on stuff that is out of this word no . It is out of our galaxy..

    95. Linda Rose

      We got toby

    96. KaiutoVlogZ K.V

      Is it just me or is the hidden photo Deji