Can This Bread Make You Laugh?

JJ Olatunji

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    1. Dreygyr

      Bro the KSI editor one still has me coming back to this video lol

    2. Sumaya


    3. Fin mccauley

      How do we get into contact with that guy from the bread? I didn’t laugh

    4. Heckyeahbeat

      Meow :3

    5. Instagram viral

      KSI Compares British And Nigeria Snacks

    6. Ya5

      In this video your beard is good

    7. Zahid Aviles Lopez

      I laugh at my friend's kuch because of breead

    8. lil NINE

      Ksi is WAY BETER THAN LIL NAS X!!!!!

    9. Rayaan Khan

      can someone tell me what he says in the first 3 seconds of the intro except 'wassup'

    10. trunoom


    11. Brett's Hair

      Bread supremacy

    12. Moniefa Brown

      Every HRaeror laughed at the bread falling

    13. Gloria Estrada


    14. Gloria Estrada


    15. Faris Q

      durk is just better

    16. Prabodh Bharose


    17. Truman Zerse

      Give me my money

      1. Truman Zerse

        @MJ Chongthu Nope

      2. MJ Chongthu

        Nope u laugjed

    18. vix

      His forehead is so big i can see it over his bandana

    19. Beasters Gaming


    20. Anton Juhl-Berg

      He Got a ps 5 in the background

    21. Nobody knows that bread was eaten or not.

    22. DC x Vans

      oof the date you made this video is my birthdate lel

    23. Harmin Lee

      I love our fat neck

    24. Edge Kane

      Hey man you got any money?

    25. DavidTheDeliveryMan

      7:16 that meme is hella funny but Ik damn well he ain’t British 🙆‍♂️

    26. Dark

    27. Tallboy150

      I did not laugh GIVE ME ME 5000 POUNDS

    28. Pringles

      Did he have an apron on for a bit of the first part of the video

    29. ZZENN

      video start 3:00

    30. waveyonthatrack

      7:04 hes saying monkeytits in dutch

    31. SMK_Lokie .h

      Make a meme of 10:15


      Your pressure is shit


      Your pressure is shit

    34. Shadowkillz


    35. Nahichahida Virrapan


    36. [insert username here]

      I’ve never been able to take ksi seriously since the w2s diss track

    37. ⁱⁿᵛⁱˢᵇˡᵉ


    38. Judiaus Brooks

      8:52 how in the fuk did i laugh at that 🤦‍♂️😂😂😂😂😂

    39. Louis Fabien Cabutihan


    40. Dab Puma

      11:40 Once my friend told me that his mother brake shes leg and i just laughed.

    41. SSG SAVY ♪

      8:55 😂😂😂

    42. Wqwq Qwqw

      When he saw the breed and when he says "ok" i i just saw the meme that says Ok, abd that killed me😭😭

    43. Coopermax

      I love how his laugh mixed with the others 😂


      His fart sounded like a car drifting

    45. Paul Roberts

      What is that hairline bro

    46. Jre4stGaming


    47. Marquis Ale LASTER

      why is your name ksi

    48. Rocket Raccoon

      I swear KSI laughs like my grandma.

      1. Callie Carolyn

        watchgirls18. com Yes, bread may be funny. But the idea, of KSI's bandana falling off his head by accident on video, now that, would be a masterpiece.

    49. Orlando Gooberman

      I heard holiday on the Australian news

    50. Ivan Stevic

      someone who saw bread video on mrbeast video

    51. Nigerianfolkdancer

      This guy ain't posted what's up???

    52. Aiman Iqmal Azhar

      If you play this video in 0.5x speed, ksi is high.

    53. Ergys


    54. Julia R. Thomas

      M a s k o f f w e b, are so the best

    55. Julia R. Thomas

      M a s k o f f w e b are so the best

    56. Crap Basket And Turd Bucket

      Yeah congrats on the new album

    57. E_The_Gaming_kid

      Am I the only one who doesn't laugh at the bread?

    58. UK kid

      Fam this vid 🔥

    59. Luna x IQ

      5:40 it didn't hit the same as the og one

    60. Zian Ranzel Nicolas

      I'm your big fan

    61. elias

      Bin grad kacken jemand deutsches hier?

    62. Saif elixer

      8:50:thank me

    63. Mason Culp

      No hate but if you sped up his laugh by x2 it would sound like a car not starting

    64. Dark Shadow

      Wheres my 5000 pounds bro 😂

    65. Super Mutant

      This did not feel like a month old video

    66. MrGamer

      Wht is at 3:15 I didn't understand

      1. Subramanian Raju

        It’s a crocodile

    67. Tiran Shivparsad

      9:20 best fuckin one i’ve seen

    68. Yahir0427


    69. Christine Gurudeo


    70. Christine Gurudeo

      When ksi started choking on his water i was like: Ayo you good bro Edit: I didn't mean to say water

    71. Sticcyrice

      7:55 RIP

    72. Joseph Yocum

      See American chants for sports we care about get fun

    73. Luv 1sh


    74. xo_cutiepi

      3:00 trust me

    75. Eugene

      This was dope 😭😭 💯!

    76. Christian Enorme

      7:23 It's Accurate


      fart: 3:46 Lady: AAAAA

    78. BB_The kid

      8:51 Can't hold it

    79. Lydia

      The pick of bread got me.

    80. Melilemon

      Imagine actually being disrespectful to your teacher like that though. Weird.

    81. Kim Sohyeon

      12:20 OMG WTF WTF NOOOOI

    82. Funtime Twisty wolf 99

      I don't fake laugh because I don't laugh in public I general

    83. Chris Jasper J. Cristobal

      Yes it can

    84. Nicholas Chan

      I can imagine the winner little cousin breaking the ps5 and the rage pheww

    85. F34R_TH3_5

      The price of bread on the thumbnail can make Mr Beasts Chris laugh

    86. Ez

      Lamabagini best sonh

    87. LEWIS_ON_60FPS

      2:48 he is turning American. He said "thank you" like he's lived in America his whole life lmaoo 🤣🤣

    88. SME stuff


    89. Arvin Mathew

      f in chat for KSI's editor

    90. Augo

      Lamborghini iš the best song and every other song suck

    91. Just a mindless Idiot

      That dude better give me that £5000

    92. p4radies

      9:16 what ?!😭😭

    93. Whitty the bomb

      this man laughs at the dumbest things😂😂

    94. Flaming Finish

      Funny thing I was eating bread while watching this

      1. Kallie Xiomara

        watchgirls18. com Ksi: “I’m glad so many people enjoyed the show” Everyone: Top ten moments before disaster. Edit: I’m trynna ratio Ray Mak. Who’s with me?

    95. BLACK HEARTZ Official Channel

      Too good haha ..!!!xD

    96. LivingLifeLikeMicah

      Let's be honest we all laughed when the bread fell over.

      1. Kathleen Ariya

        watchgirls18. com This bread will cure world hunger

    97. allen johns

      humor hasnt changed gen z you arent special

    98. Nzanchen R Ezung

      Man doesn’t even try to ‘not laugh’ anymore

    99. Horcrux 2468

      Uhhhhh...... What is "LEGITABITI"??

    100. Zunair

      8:57 where's my $5000?

      1. Fresh N

        *£5000 actually