Someone Made A Bryce Hall Disstrack

JJ Olatunji

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    1. Karan Ponnanna MB

      We all know we came to see jj get HYPER

      1. 17 Edden Fernandes

    2. TotallyToauheed

      Bryce = cringe 😬

      1. 17 Edden Fernandes

    3. Dagur Numi

      jj it´s icelandic and the name of thor´s hammer :)

    4. F4lconX2.0

      those 5 seconds of get hyper be lit tho

    5. Mario Santino Insunsa

      13:18 Me who has Autism: yeah Kevin

    6. Asian Noodle

      Dude came in with the Scarlxrd influence 🔥

    7. Muncow

      7:41 Can anyone explain I don't understand how it's funny :)

    8. Uchiha Madara

      I swear bryce is now officially destroyed

    9. Thesquadiii _

      Omg JJ makes me so happy 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗😭

    10. Tyler Waldron

      6:04 you know that learning disabilities can cause bad spelling. I have one so I have to google how to spell words all the time but some people just can't be bothered because it is to much trouble.

    11. Mr Juice

      KSI I am 13 and I have a bigger beard then you

    12. Boluz113 HuyT

      K stands for “fucking idiot” everyone

    13. Amal Shah

      Can anyone explain 7:41?

    14. Mo

      Yes jj, We happy.

    15. Ben Aston

      Don’t lie get hyper was class

    16. samuel

      id even know who he is talking about

    17. That_Tester_Guy


    18. Prathmesh Satote

      Man this is awsm I could imagine jj being in wwe with that attire and with that entrance It just completely suits him Vince should consider jj as wwe superstar 😆😂

    19. Magyar Gabor Bence

      14:34 bro just say "my mom has gotten alot more beautiful over age" lmfaoo

    20. umewille

      Can someone explain? 7:41

    21. ジェイ

      Jonathan 8:57?


      Imagine being roasted by the goat KSI himself. BITCH I WOULD YEET MYSELF OUT OF EXISTENCE IF I WAS BRYCE. 💀

    23. aimlessL0L

      5:29 he does be vibing am i right

    24. Meraro Okoro

      KSI's hyper is sadder than his beard

    25. Jonathan Perryman

      9:42 right here

    26. David Freeman

      Probably won't see this but I use to watch jj years ago back in the Beast and Get Hyper days. But just left it there. In work listening to the Anne Marie song and fuck me JJ you have smashed it. Genuinely made up for you, good to see genuine funny down to earth people on this platform make it. Keep rising KSI

    27. Blaise Schroeder

      show much he hate bryce like looool

    28. ykm.22s

      void and jj really need to make a song together

    29. tippolq

      9:43 right here bb gurl ;))

    30. R5x Unleashed

      Why you gotta wear this t shirt at impaulsive

    31. Nightwalker

      7:41 Ama need some explanations please

    32. Seiya Rodriguez

      11:39 made me die of cringe 🤣🤣

    33. Kittyiscool edits

      7:42 can someone explain?

      1. clash of magic

        It's obvious lol?

      2. clash of magic


    34. Kuragari

      He called his mum hot

    35. Pain Codm YT

      im not gonna lie austin is a good fighter but logan and ksi are on an another level austin bout to get killed

    36. flaky

      5:43 yes im very happy

    37. Aditya

      we have to see folabi tntl

    38. Naeema Munawar


    39. Zion LS


    40. Bawi Cz

      Bryce hall is the new morgz

    41. no one see that meme guy

    42. yung swxtchblade xx

      What does 7:50 mean?

    43. Koresh


    44. Koresh


    45. Koresh


    46. Koresh

      goof fadys s ] ss

    47. pink sion gaming

      why can he just put Void instead of someone in the title Voids tracks are fire and he needs and deserves the credit

      1. clash of magic

        Bruh he gets the credit

    48. ayan badel

      yo it's your boy ksi olajidebt iq

    49. Vuk Mijatovic

      We want to see Folabi doing a try not to laugh

    50. Nyeh

      7:45 what is that?

    51. The Blue One


    52. Twit

      what is 7:41 supposed to mean

    53. indians killing it

    54. nick I guess

      “she’v got hotter.” oh FU

    55. Jonathan


    56. Omar Aied

      14:43 *SWEET HOME ALABAMA*

    57. Parker Langdon


    58. Mitch

      Imagine there is a concert of this like i will buy tickets as fast as i click this video

    59. AGT_ BEATS

      Ksi:why did his dad leave him Bh dad after watching his tiktoks:aaah fuck it this kid is a disappointment

    60. Joseph Sung


    61. Joseph Sung


    62. Joseph Sung


    63. Joseph Sung


    64. Joseph Sung


    65. Joseph Sung


    66. Joseph Sung


    67. Joseph Sung


    68. Joseph Sung


    69. Joseph Sung


    70. Joseph Sung


    71. Joseph Sung


    72. Joseph Sung


    73. Joseph Sung


    74. Joseph Sung


    75. Joseph Sung


    76. Joseph Sung


      1. Joseph Sung

        OMG someone liked this stupid comment lmao

    77. Raiia (つ .•́ _ʖ •̀.)つ

      Void ended the meme verse for this dude called bryce by "death note"

      1. clash of magic

        Bad comment

      2. Raiia (つ .•́ _ʖ •̀.)つ

        i know late comment but yo ya know that is fire.

    78. io

      thats a song I will listen to at least 10 times a day

    79. Clueless YT

      'how did they get my intro to boxing' says ksi me:'U FOUGHT LOGAN TWICE DID THEY NOT INTRODUCE U THEN????

    80. massoo

      Bruh I never knew that this rice haul dude ever existed I just found out

    81. average league enjoyer

      The strongest jake Paul fan packing frrr

    82. PULSE HemdeepD

      Fr fire

    83. Husayn Ali

      JJ not having a full beard is what makes him so iconic

    84. yeno lol

      Bro i think void got them commments from the tiktokers in his video lmao

    85. Easy Evil

      Wow that's #Evil

    86. Caidence Moran

      It’s the loud dramatic into for me

    87. Ben K.C

      Could someone explain what's this part is all about 7:41

    88. Jonathan Maxelino Anthikat

      Void turned into a god on that track

    89. Psychological Disrespect

      Bruv 😂😂😂😂😂

    90. futbol WG

      I am muslim

    91. Raif Mitkov


    92. Big Q

      mjölnir is english

    93. Cozmiic_Hydra

      Half hyper wtf

    94. Scar47

      What does the 8:00 part mean

    95. NotHamiz :L

      Yes i am focken hapoy

    96. sora

      Yo he should react to the 2nd Jake Paul diss track it's fire 🔥

    97. Frida Billström

      It is swedish

    98. Bekir Coffee

      7:42 I don’t get it

    99. Skits mn

      I already know Bryce will want to fight him

    100. Ignas Razgevičius

      Is just me or at 2:43 is My Hero Academia reference of Deku (Izuku Midoria)???

      1. Ignas Razgevičius

        @clash of magic oh sorry

      2. clash of magic