Son Embarrasses Dad (Try Not To Laugh)

JJ Olatunji

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    1. Supremeshy シ

      try not to laugh more like try to not laugh

    2. Kasun Wijethunga


    3. Not Harry


    4. Tenzin  Tsering

      the way she opens the mentos

    5. Yaziz Emier Mohd Yusoff

      9:44 poor grams ☹️

    6. Makayla Tekeu

      Ksi watch superwog its funny

    7. Yash Agarwal

      "Is he Human"🤣🤣🤣🤣

    8. Angus Watson

      it did not come home

    9. Aryan Kumar

      Spaghetti mafia yo ...big daddy

    10. ZW

      This intro aged well

    11. Ayman Arshad

      "chewsday" XD i love the british accent

    12. PokeMan Kirito

      Bruh that guy literally just wasting drinks for tiktok 😞

    13. Penny Bennett

      C U Y. Kappy for the " on all flat surfaces"

    14. Jgho Gaming

      thats why weplay and eat after 12:01

    15. SubuUwU

    16. Dr. FIKI

      this aged well

    17. Kevin K

      Best intro of the day

    18. Chain Gang

      The ksi show flopped and it never came home. This’ll be a hard one to watch back

    19. Kdksks Kdkdkdkd

      How do you spell sank or the thing he said

    20. Athanasopoulos Theo

      It’s not coming home

    21. Jack Rowney

      10:13 I was dead laughing for like 3 hours😂😂😂😂

      1. Lilly Carolyn

        watchgirls18. com JJ: England is gonna take it all Italy: and I took that personality

    22. Julia Mandal

      KSI its hentai Logic

    23. Julia R. Thomas

      M a s k o f f w e b, are so the best

    24. Julia R. Thomas

      M a s k o f f w e b are so the best

    25. OlioBGMOTI - Bulgaria

      the new's year clip was the funniest thing on the video 😂😂😂


      That intro didnt age well

    27. Ryd3r

      11:16 : when you are having your car repossessed

    28. Ninja Ayan

      when the nigerian voke be hitting

    29. AkaLighty

      0:36 Its coming to Rome xD

    30. Luca Gaspercic

      try not to laugh: "England's bringing it home" edition

    31. brotherplayzgaming

      8:09 hahahahahah🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    32. Daniel Radford

      It's coming Rome

    33. Thomas McGowan

      No one realised he laughed in the first 5 seconds?

    34. gabriele migliorini

      Ne dovete ancora mangiare di pastasciutta

    35. kearne joy

      Imagine cleaning the car after pouring all the drinks everywhere 😫 screw that man

    36. Thekillerpro Khan

      That was French lol

    37. HsBoi

      It's coming home and ksi show now that's double damage

    38. Rish Mc

      0:03 lol his laugh

    39. Young Tug

      0:39 stop screaming at me :(

    40. Rijk Mooij

      I know for a fact mister Knowledge made some bank wearing that shirt

    41. cod lover

      I'f I didn't have old before I do now

    42. Roshu 15

      Stop promoting people who waste food 😠

    43. Owen COWIESON

      the classic dad hat throw

    44. Owen COWIESON

      ksi: ITS COMING HOME, ITS COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! italy: nah fam

    45. Eamon Maher

      The moment that kid scurried from one door to the other I died laughing dude holy s***.

    46. Michael Powers

      0:27 jj spits

    47. Time_Kamal

      cuesday haha :/ :)

    48. geo anton

      It's coming rome

    49. Patry

      It's comeing home The next day the mother fuckers lost

    50. Fasfasst

      Still waiting for that tinder video jj

    51. LivingLifeLikeMicah

      The day is a banger when JJ uploads.

    52. ash thomp

      Man gassin bout ksi show like it was good

    53. Ruth Sullivan

      It came to rome, LEEETTTTSS GOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    54. Covirz

      8:54 I haven't laughed this hard in years

    55. Kazeem Yousaf

      fueter me italy won

    56. Andersonesp

      Mbbants, Straightbernz and Dylan all funny asf.

    57. johan varhgese

      poor ksi,any jj supports they always lose

    58. johan varhgese

      hahaha lol i was supporting italy

    59. RONNO 1

      😂😂😂😂absolute legend ksi show was dog shit tho sorry my bad

    60. NotHero

      0:28 Well that didn't age well

    61. FayVour

      you should talk like a nigerian for the next video

    62. anshul

      Jj:try not to laugh Also jj in every video; 🤣🤣🤣

    63. juliette annand

      4:09 death

    64. Mrsak

      *It's coming to Rome*

    65. Whyth 117

      Wanking clip was made as a joke, it's from "dezapping du before" i think.

    66. Asger Hyldtoft

      Denmark only com on Denmark

    67. Tyler Waldron


    68. Thomas Moran

      Pov ur waching this after the ksi show 🤣

    69. Precious Perspective

      my bday this uploaded day


      What is that thing at 1:49?? Is it a sausage???

    71. Brave hunter 7312

      9:57 I thought he was a motorcycle

    72. ImBoReD

      Now knowing that England lost

    73. James Porter

      “You’re gonna enjoy the ksi show”

      1. NotHero

        Well that didnt age well

    74. DaNn3X / CWJ Worm

      Its coming rome Football,s coming rome🇮🇹🇮🇹

    75. MaTeeN

      Ksi- yah its coming home Italian fans- ya the england team is coming home, trophy is coming rome 🤣

    76. GommZ

      "just sayin...i havent laughed, i havent laughed yet" *10 seconds later*

    77. Dreamz

      Spoiler.It didn't come home ☠️

    78. Yodel Guy

      Can’t wait for the KSI show… OH FUC-

    79. Leotrim Kaludra

      Europe in the euros finals: UK:ITS COMING HOME HAHAHA everyone else: *what did he say* ??? America: Haha funny accent guy not bully me anymore haha

    80. CLUC7H

      just saying Denmark is better

    81. Hateful Soul

      It's comin Rome

    82. adam saddique

      This aged well - the ksi show is going to be good

    83. Rylie Harris

      When the spit comes out when he says ITALY

    84. yep

      0:27 he spits

    85. Slick Gogo

      4 seconds in and he starts to laugh 😂

    86. Jay ッ

      0:32 someone needs to make that a meme 😂🤦🏾

    87. Persefoni


    88. RL. T R A X

      He is spiting 7 times in this video

    89. RL. T R A X

      I don't know why are you so funny 😂🤣

    90. RL. T R A X

      He spits when he says Italy 0:28

    91. The Australian Reports

      When England beat Denmark that’s how JJ feels when the reddit stops making KSimon memes


      Ovovwebwe wewe anyitewevwe obiobimosas haha

    93. Zakariye Moh

      4:03 to 413 lmfao

    94. jagg kwest

      who else watching in 2013

    95. Pab

      Idk if that’s the move man also Ksi MY MUMS GETTING IT

    96. Sudha Maurya


    97. Jack Strainer

      2:27 Something Come out👀

    98. William Karpicke

      If JJ actually followed the try not to laugh rules all his videos would be 20 seconds

    99. KingVQ

      4:07 *That one there was a violation, and personally I wouldn't have it*

    100. xXvakiXx

      ayo 3:00 i havent had shower since last year too m8