Bryce Hall Thinks He Can Beat Me...

JJ Olatunji

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    1. Noah Lo

      Bryce be acting like he tough and how the way he try to act really tough in front of Austin

    2. Vianney Ssebuliba

      who is SLIM

    3. FIFA-AK

      Bryce would smoke you. Like the moment you blink you eyes, you will see your self in japan, thats how hard he will hit you. Dont mess with bigman bryce,

    4. zero sinister

      mmmmm wembely mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    5. Cool Dudeman

      I like it how his response to 'dodging Jake' is "Oh, I have a life."

    6. SkullG1

      Mans said sq-que-reel

    7. Intros TV

      i remember fucking KSI

    8. Pft Ez

      Imagine jj on wwe

    9. Potato joe

      So i know the fight happened but because that family channel dude hit Bryce it’s illegal because that would be child abuse

    10. Fano303 GeMinK!


    11. Rob K

      Bryce is still talking smack about how he can own you in the ring and on the street. LOL

    12. CEO of swag

      JJ shouldn’t fight Bryce he might go to jail for child abuse

    13. Kierti Shan

      6:40 wow he is fit ma- hol up why is your nipples covered with Simons face

    14. Joseph Sung

      Well bryce got rocked

    15. Paula ayleen Setiawan

      6:10 Why does that look like Lil Nas X?

    16. Viben089

      Bro ngl that was 🔥💯 22:22-22:46

    17. Porthan Lokasole

      22:23 His chair suffered alot

    18. WT Darwish

      Let’s face it even after the fight Bryce doesn’t know how to fight no matter how hard he fights

    19. Emily Thompson

      I know that it’s just a joke(or so I hope), but he’s not really fat. He’s pretty fit.

    20. Abdullah Z

      Bro mans was eating nonstop ice cream 😥 15:32

    21. Abdullah Z

      "Look at my tight clothes and my ugly tattoos" "I'm so hard bro you cant touch me"

    22. IOGEOM

      I feel like KSI fighting Bryce Hall is like trying to kill a fly with an Rocket Launcher.

    23. The Fam_vlogs

      I like lose more

    24. Skull breaker

      bryce can easily beat jj in _tiktok booty dances_

    25. 24r8

      ksi's toothpaste must be really good

    26. Rory wilcox

      Ok KSI u got to fight him like right now and u gotta beat the crap outta him

    27. Duck_yuckington🦆

      Me not actually knowing who slim is: who?

    28. Tokio

      Daaaaaamn that glow up tho. Congrats on everything you have done JJ

    29. Havana Kitty7

      Captions on 14:22 you WON'T regret it😃

    30. Poulpi

      dude bryce hall is a clown

    31. Scabble69

      bro where are bryces arms?

    32. Hydrophant

      19:14 he is a table

    33. SabrZ


    34. TheVMCbros

      Imagine Bryce Hall throws it back mid fight

    35. milano

      mans was *grinding* on da daily😈

    36. katy is a legend lol

    37. 𝓡𝓮𝓷𝓪𝓭🎻🤎..

      “Are you fighting him or humping him?” HAHAHAHAH😭😭😭

    38. Xristos0902

      Bryce hall thinks his better lol

    39. stormyyycl0wn

      19:16 JJ got pissed off

    40. LA Salvador

      JJ: I went to an all boys school mo: 7:23 *shows a pic of simon.*

    41. trike fulgado

      Bryce hall vs KSAI is gonna be like saitma vs a child.

    42. Saxzu

      he wishes

    43. zayn chuck


    44. COLD

      Tiktokers funny

      1. Mr Mosby


    45. Noel Estovan

      Yoooooooo if some one call out and fight Michael B Jordan 🤯🤯

    46. Dave Idk

      3:15 what i hear when my older brother is playing a game

    47. Travis Anderson

      Bryce hall would whoop that ass lok

    48. tayybah xx

      23:47 same im so bad at art😭😭😭😭😭

    49. MrBeast 3

      For a lil while I thought I was watching ally law

    50. Christian Hamud-dowell

      did he say addison has talent?

    51. IMMUN3_ FX4RR


    52. nash dheoduth

      KSi fighting Bryce hall feels likes he’s punching a dummy

      1. King Bento 23

        It would be exactly that

    53. limuel balsamo


    54. Zaid Lameer


    55. Arianna Martin

      I feel bad for Addison Rae she dated someone with no talent and only dances on tiktok

    56. Âñkît

      I did not even know that there was a u grade.. 😂😂😂

    57. jackflipsbalisongs

      Bryce had that perfect duck and then hugged him wtff

    58. jackflipsbalisongs

      WS2 mom on concussion mode

    59. mo lowk violated jj

    60. Mwehehe

      dude ive gone to 1 kickboxing session and i feel like i could beat bryce hall if i was even near his size

    61. Luca Nelson

      Who else saw the simon piccture at around 7:20

    62. talking shrek

      22:28 can u tell me what song that is from the album please


      so when are u coming to duabi ??? i

    64. Mr.Mexican Goofy

      Bryce hall be like you’re shit but in the fight one punch opponent wins Bryce hall after losing I slipped

    65. Bradley Marc Correa

      whens KSI vs Bryce

    66. tanner runyon

      i spell alot of cap coming from bryce i wonder if its normal like when he said hes a real fighter but then loses

    67. sl4sher

      5:01 M H M

    68. ☭Onderdaan Zwabbah☭


    69. ☭Onderdaan Zwabbah☭


    70. Animation Park

      6:40 mo always keeping it real

    71. empathicwiper

      Bryce Hall Thinks He Can Beat Me...

    72. ItsJory

      when jj hit hall he will be hit so bad he would have a speech impetment

    73. Mczman123

      9:20 The likes there are from KSI’s tweet

    74. CallMeAndrew_

      isthmus.. isthmus?? Just call it a fokin bridge!

    75. Pheonixboy jr

      Colonel Jj: KErNal

    76. mia hyrons

      the is me who is got maths in tomr and i watching jj/ksi instead :)

    77. KING DANTE


    78. Ron Weasley

      Mo's a legend

    79. Yuzer64

      man. if you beat bryce halls please please please do a dance at the end 🙏 would be iconic as fck

    80. Joe mama

      When is ksi vs Bryce hall

    81. Life of Libby And ali

      Imagine ksi saying pppppussiooooooo


      I see what Bryce meant when he said il fuck u up

    83. Snow Husk

      He’s brother love is amazing



    85. Redphoenix17 Alcoy

      Addison dropped him without touching him

    86. vAdiosPaigee

      "after i beat austin we can talk buddy" guess they never gonna talk then

    87. region

      jj got no abs there gone

    88. Albgood

      21:48 🤨

    89. Khalid Ahmed

      Sorry jj ksi I love you so much my nugs so much but I think you well lose and dono I feel it bruh

    90. XXXGamer Botggg

      That is harrys Mother

    91. Rijkaard Charmant

      What is the name of the last song he was rapping to

    92. James Fletcher

      My g

    93. Dead-shooter135

      He got hit in the face and he says “really” like what the freak it’s boxing 🥊 that idiot

    94. gtdav

      I wanna see jj beat up bryce like nothing

    95. dad

      🤣🤣💀I'm dead....🤣🔥

    96. Kukri77

      2:22 I wish I could tell jj how humble he's (Bryce Hall) has become

    97. chuck keeling

      Juss sayin Bryce hall =🤡🤡

    98. Matthew Stafford

      I wear the same underwear as JJ, im halpy today.

    99. Aaron Anderson

      You can def tell you put on weight since the fight with Logan but you are lookin pretty good man. You can flex and still see your abs couldn’t say I can do that rn😂😂😂