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    1. Arnish Ukil

      Can you believe that as of that day, JJ was virtually bullied a 100 times :0

    2. Kyle Botha

      KSI and Stormzy this should be a thing

    3. It did not come home

    4. Ayyo

      Im i the only one when i saw the thumbnail , i thought the 100th was a TOOth 🤣

    5. Kodzuren

      oh wow, that's a sad intro

    6. R. H

      Im here from the future to tell u the ksi show flops

    7. Julia R. Thomas

      M a s k o f f w e b, are so the best

    8. Julia R. Thomas

      M a s k o f f w e b are so the best

    9. Raphael Jacob Panangian Sitompul 2055052

      4:40, well that aged well

    10. Daniel Gonzalez

      welp someone did steam it bc we broke ass

    11. Pat Son

      05:50 i did not know about it so... like i pay for it to watch it but gone is gone eh 🥲

    12. Alx_games

      We didn’t bring it home

    13. Skittlez

      the ksi show was bad

    14. Jack O’connor

      It didn’t come home :(

    15. Jordieboy 67

      But you didn't beat us

    16. Meraro Okoro

      JJ:It's coming home Me commenting after England lost the final:LMFAO

    17. amine el assri

      I’m from the future and i can assure you it didn’t come home u lost the finals

    18. BigLad God

      I’ve got a screenshot of every one of JJs platinum mouths were he looks messed up. This episode was a good addition

    19. boogie

      "i talk about harry's mum" *clicks on music video*

    20. Brook Lambleder

      Nice intro

    21. ÐɑʀҟƑîʀɛ gaming

      i think the photo which was behind jj was his girlfriend lol

    22. 🖤Naruto

      God is dangerous

    23. Faxe 11

      I'm from the future and I can confirm JJ was infact capping 4:54

    24. Lockie Sommer

      I didn’t come home…

    25. TheXGamer

      Dont SHOW that Idiots Face to me (ricegum)

    26. Tyler Smith

      Well the show didn’t age well…

    27. Enclave Comms Officer

      It’s coming Rome

    28. omarYTLive

      Chiellini vs Saka round 2 ?

    29. wii

      jj getting a tad bit fat

    30. Grant Barry

      It didn’t come home.

    31. bro

      Bro said he was going to end it there, I honestly didn’t believe him still I saw how much time was left

    32. Seb:l

      ‘it’s coming home’ well this didn’t age well

    33. Marjan Knaap

      "ITS COMMING HOME" hehehe

    34. ALEX & CO

      Where can i join ksi’s reddit

      1. Has 445

        On reddit 😂

    35. Jaagrut sharrda

      What is coming out?

    36. Sam_The_Pro

      i swear to God JJ has the weirdest but funniest laugh ever.

    37. Jamie Rohrs

      This intro didn’t age well 😂

    38. Psychs

      "its gonna blow up the internet" Well its august and I legit heard nothing about whatever happened in the middle of july so... lmao

    39. MMR

      New game: take a drink everytime ricegum says "bro"

    40. Michael Thomas

      I’m so gland England didn’t win

    41. Tfu


    42. Pepsi Man

      0:00 Yeaaaah about that

    43. Gregorio Croff

      Whos here after logan paul went on sidemen sunday when jj said he wouldn’t

    44. Te Amorangi Pene

      Voice crack 1:37

    45. Brandon Charles

      Haahhaahahahah ksi sure is trash

    46. Matthew Watson

      I love rewatching this video and laughing at him saying “it’s coming home!!” 😂😂

    47. yawin26

      Don't mind me. Just watching the video before disaster

    48. Isaac C.

      The intro is just awkward now 🤦‍♂️

    49. shocking farground x

      12:12 yeah ok RiceGum

    50. shocking farground x

      Yo jj what if I'm late for the ksi show

    51. Sono-Burst


    52. Sw1pe TVTN

      American dictionary: Bottle of water British dictionary: BO HO O WA ER

    53. Maverick Sahashraanshu

      he really do be averaging 5 memes

    54. Agniprabha Chakraborty

      Yo whats the song name jj

    55. Narancia


    56. I am Sadness

      9:53 remind it to jj, i can't get enough upvotes

    57. Muzz Hussain

      Who here after the euros 😂😂😂

      1. Your clapped


    58. Manuela Taiana

      it's actualli coming rome 🟩⬜🟥

      1. Your clapped


    59. some games are cool

      Rice gums stream looks like a mobile ad

    60. NitrozX


    61. TD 21

      this video did not age well also its coming rome

    62. Charles Wolfenden

      It ran off from home:(

    63. Imran Uosefy

      Rice gum is ksi biggest fan

    64. fbenz dancer62


    65. Haywire chrono

      The beginning of this aged well

    66. Aditya Singh

      JJ: it's coming home Chiellini: hold my kirococho For those who dont know chiellini put a curse on saka before he shot the penalty

    67. Fesho

      Where r ksi’s eyebrows?

      1. cleo _:)

        @pasta i love ur pfp

      2. pasta

        They disappeared like my dad

    68. Alissia Carter

      do another reddit videoooo!!!!!!

    69. Logan Rader

      ricegum said bro so many times he sounds stupid

    70. futbol WG

      I am muslim

    71. Silvah In Da Mud

      Top Ten Videos Taken Before Disaster

    72. Shiny the Salesman

      man said no illegal streams, he didnt stop the people from streaming it on Discord

    73. Anne Backand

      when he said itlay 😑

    74. Chaka mo Lode

      Just finished watching the ksi show and went here

    75. Meet Patel

      I've spent a lot of time watching your videos. WATCH ME!!! @5:13 LOl JK

    76. W4rl0rd507

      JJ, In the next sidemen tinder video you should say: "I heard ___ is the language of love... want to have a conversation sometime?"

    77. Emperor Napoleon

      The way ricegum remains relevant is being irrelevant... How? He is a glitch in the matrix

    78. obi-wan kenobi

      Italy.........oh dear

    79. ZhYe.09

      i swear england has the best community

      1. God


    80. Mohammed Mehmood

      7:47 looool

    81. Ben Wright

      Me in august seing jj hyping up england and the ksi show

    82. Issam Mejdoubi

      No it ain't coming home xD

    83. Goated Gabriel

      You ain’t shutting down face book buddy

    84. Frizzr

      13:00 the flamingo is pregnant tho, looks like triplets to me

    85. Vihaantastic

      4:18 this didn't age well

    86. Vibez

      4:32 so that was a lie -_-

    87. Ibrahim Faisal


    88. Lolo 09

      Plottwist: it didn‘t come home

    89. Negooda Kadha_NGDKDA

      Me reading 100th as`tooth´ WTF

    90. DarX_XX Games

      rice gum was been on weed or something😂

    91. VAPOR

      "were slapping all of them fam" * laughs in italy *

      1. DanB

        Yeah laughs in 3-2 penalties 😴

    92. IBZ

      JJ: It’s coming home Italy: hold my shirt

    93. The Flash


    94. AnNoyaNce

      i read the thumbnail as tooth and got confused asf

    95. James De Baere

      "Its coming home" Italy: "Hold my pasta"

    96. Jicxy YT

      I am a little late but sorry it didn’t come home

    97. clipmeister

      "IT'S COMING HOME!", said the Aresnal supporter

    98. Lewis Scott

      Hi I’m from the future and it’s not coming home

    99. Naghul's vlogs

      he says no logan in sidemen look what happened