One Question Go Returns

JJ Olatunji

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    1. Toxic Vision The Evil Menace

      The fact that I've been watching JJ for years now is just wow, and I've always loved watching his videos

    2. Toxic Vision The Evil Menace

      I just love how JJ is always being himself it's amazing lol.

    3. Avery Girling

      5:24 literally tho, like that’s going to watching the hunger games and going to Jennifer Lawrence and asking for the money back.....

    4. mikethedash

      jj kinda thick.......................

    5. Mahmood Hassan

      Somebody ask how he is let’s see what he says if he does one question again

    6. Fayez Alif

      What happened at 7:26 lol

    7. Aaron Driver

      The real question is how long till the bead is good 😂😂

    8. RichTofu

      7:24, yo JJ you good?

    9. TheAngelArrow

      these are so fucking boring, add a rule where you HAVE to answer the questions, no bull shit, no trolling, all the good funny questions you just avoid answering them and ban them or some shit, no wonder nobody likes the "one question go" videos

      1. Ok

        Nah the one question go vids are fun 🗿

    10. TANKIDD

      istg all the jake paul fans in this sound the same

    11. MooreMoDz

      What the fuck are Jake Paul fans doing in KSI’s Reddit. Like we the real fans want to ask him a question and these kids are taken slots so we can’t even speak to him. Sad moment for the actual KSI fans. But it’s still funny to see how desperate Jake Paul fans have become lmao.

    12. Not Harry


    13. IamSnipZ

      bruh he edited the vid

    14. Emmanuel Ogunleye

      I really want to see KSI ft burna boy .I think that would slap 👋

    15. Brolygarcia 92

      7:25 ayo wtf just happen there? 🤨

    16. Kingboy837

      Sus :)

    17. your-mad-xd-6 9

      10:00 what happened there?

    18. Aaron Mascarenhas

      what happened at 7:27 ??????

    19. JohnAmy Shattuck


    20. KashMoneyGodzilla

      Wow 🤩 I’m first

    21. miraculous ladybug

      ur a bite mean

    22. sSsticky

      Ahahan love one question go

    23. Toon Myran

      I think he edit something out

    24. Kareem Clark

      He tried to rap a Eminem verse

    25. Walter

      This video was fuckn cringe🙃

    26. Walter

      Mans getting touched😂

    27. Brian

      make a song with the weeknd

    28. MHarshin

      5:31 I died here 😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    29. Tello

      “But I’m rich, we are not the same” 💀🤣🤣🤣🤣

    30. Hazel Prakoso

      what happened at 7:23 wheres the sus guy

      1. Hazel Prakoso

        @Abody ✪ but that was the funniest bit

      2. Abody ✪

        Probably avoiding strikes

    31. Keko

      Sad for indonesia boy

    32. Tyo :)

      I feel bad for the Indonesian guy :(

    33. ibrahim adel

      the dad is so nice i love him

    34. alftooka

      what the fuck happened at 7:22 ? He was just talking and then Immediately screamed *GET OUT!*

      1. Abody ✪

        Avoiding strikes ofc

    35. LittleLewisPlays

      How do you join the discord? For one question go?

    36. LittleLewisPlays

      I've had a McDonald's and ate it all and got a refund because I shat it all out and said the meat was raw

    37. LittleLewisPlays

      "I lowkey don't have Instagram cos I'm ugly bro" 🤣🤣🤣

    38. XScorpion

      Remember the Indian guy who had a Legendary conversation with JJ

    39. Crazy SparkzZ 气࿐

      Guy: so, no refund KSI: no dude fuck you

    40. BIGMAN

      I would listen to a Juice wrld and KSI song

    41. Ace Gamer

      He wants to make a track with Breaking Benjamin, wow time flies

    42. Rene Dhamija

      I am done now bro No one gives a f about your album and sidemen more than fighting that jake or even coming in the ring just do it bro. I promise you will get all the views you want from music and sidemen and all . We know he is better but youre the best. Come on now my g

    43. nox

      whats the discord invite

    44. suhailah Yasmin

      There’s never no girls 😐😐😐😐

      1. Ok

        Bro Which girls be watching ksi ☠

    45. Immanual Pigweed

      Nah he did not just dis daddy sandler

    46. T Doubt


    47. Pedro Sanchez

      5:24 had me dead bro💀💀💀

    48. Noob Hazard

      Bro why did you roast the kid and his dad on you're "one question go" vid 2 years ago :(

    49. Bad Genius

      The pol asking for money and stuff are so annoying.

    50. florian hinkel

      wht happened in the 7:25 min of the video

    51. Tonic Leopard

      ay yo he cutted the vid it waset like it last time

    52. Austin Francis

      Breaking Benjamin?!? I want to see how this would turn out

    53. Adham Rafik

      actually I was down before I watched this vid but now I feel better thank u JJ even if u don't know this it but you've always been there for me

    54. ML S

      I beg if anyone else goes on this I need someone to ask him if he has ever had sex to any of his songs (don’t ask)

    55. T R I S T A N

      Oh so thats how you remove chewing gum from hair easily

    56. Juwon Oduntan

      To be honest ksi is ducking jake Paul like when jake said ksi is next in anesongib fight jake called ksi out and ksi has not fight jake

    57. Michael Myers

      Great..... more toxicity on one question go

    58. massive595

      I'm surprised you don't watch it religiously too

    59. Aaryan Gambhir

      is tommyinnit joining the sidemen

      1. Ok

        Nah that would suck

    60. David. L

      7:25 what tf just happened.

      1. iLOVburgers32

        I think HRaero cut out a part in the vid

    61. Lych3

      jj at 8:55 starts rapping eminem lyrics

    62. Julia R. Thomas

      I appreciate M a s k o f f w e b.

    63. Julia R. Thomas

      I appreciate M a s k o f f w e b

    64. Mello

      no one called him a fucking n word, color me surprised

    65. sirzardthethird

      Who's here after certain parts of the video got cut out?

    66. Gurushanth SP

      Real OG s will know tht many parts of this video has been trimed. Hope u don't get cancelled again jj

    67. Rayvin Edayan

      Mf’s really be getting off by talking sh*t anonymously.. then they sit back for a moment in their miserable depressing degenerate mediocre lives giggling like chodes. For that moment they feel enjoyment for bringing you down due to their envious fulfillment, knowing their highest high will never reach your lowest low..

    68. Salman Fazil

      JJ didn't had to that Indonesian like that :(

    69. joe mama

      Yo he cut this part out at 7:25 for those who are wondering what happened there was this guy who was talking about his dog humping him and KSI starts telling him that he probably got an irection from that dog humping him and KSI asked him to get out

    70. Crispy Chicken

      my respect to the people who asked genuine questions

    71. Patch Kelly

      My one question, Can you sing Holiday at my wedding next year?

    72. Karim Soubra

      I dont like it, people are either talking about jake paul, or being serious , nobody is just straight up telling him to suck his mum

    73. Dantheman 101

      Lamborghini was his best song can’t prove me wrong

    74. Sukuna101

      Lets goooii

    75. Stoniest

      Yo, JJ and breaking Benjamin, anyone else think that would be crazy?

    76. JagyJared21


    77. Domi

      Ksi's one question go came from are you black to what is life

    78. Salvi 24


    79. David Larsson

      Everyone: ”bring back one question go” Ksi: *Instant regret*

    80. Azaan Khan

      7:25, okay wtf just happened man?

      1. Ok

        Had to be removed coz the fan was talking about stuff that is not HRaero friendly. If you watched the video when it was released, the clip was there. JJ would have got a 3rd strike definitely.

    81. CyB

      I feel bad for the indo guy

    82. Nam Khanh Doan MBGY


    83. ChineseWannaBe One

      does someone have ksi dc server ?

    84. Billy Stewart

      Jj looked so stressed during this 🤣

    85. Chimera RL

      What's the discord bro?

    86. prim rosss


    87. Toasty TV

      how do you get on these? can someone who knows help a guy out

    88. PTG

      Slaw bunny’s

    89. LenZNatioN

      Anyone know wtf happened from 7:26-7:28??

    90. True god General


    91. Caden Playz YT

      Can someone give me a suggesting on what to do to build up strength in the upper body

    92. MemesNBitz


    93. Liquid Divinium

      Christ loves and died for you all! God Bless!

    94. Shyam Sundar

      so much for integrity huh?

    95. ancient troll

      you meet all kinds of people on discord, literally !!!!

    96. NeNePok 69

      U gonna get banned if u fight Jake Paul, its child endangerment

    97. Drunk Brit

      I feel bad for that indonesian guy that ksi banned dude its hard forus to like bs online for vids like this cuz we gottabe awake at 4 am or somethin

    98. jammy 368

      Wth happened at 7:25?

    99. Ya BOI

      i just realised he cutted the funniest parts of the video because he might get demonetized lmao

      1. IS0unu

        Yeah I saw lol he got rid of the dog one and the other abt is d gain

    100. Glupan _

      Someone give me his dc :)