The KSI Show Was Bad?

JJ Olatunji

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    1. SSG SAVY ♪

      KSI I will always support you no matter what and me living in Australia I didn’t see ur show but you will improve in time and im sure that it was great jj

    2. Pankaj Rathour

      Saving this video for my future reference

    3. Velocity DK

      I remember back in the day, JJ would just send people eat shit, but the fact that he truly changed the way he thinks and speaks makes me really give him respect. Also, the fact the he mentions that he is actually thinking of how he could of done better just goes to proof that he truly wants the best of everything. Thanks JJ for everything, much love from Canada.

    4. Chinmaya Srivastava

      It makes me sad to watch this tbh. I know he'll be back with a bang though!! You're definitely a very unique creator & person; keep going my man!!💯

    5. Nate- X

      Don’t let anyone’s thoughts bring you down on it, if you think you could’ve done more hey, we live and we learn, if there’s a next time, you’re gonna do better, and work harder

    6. Nate- X

      Hey man, you expressed yourself, you went and did what you wanted, you did good bro, any action should be made for yourself. You doin your thing? I don’t see why you can’t be happy.

    7. Chain Gang

      You never gave it to us JJ you asked people to pay for it, and it was shit

    8. Atticus Colbert

      Mad respect

    9. Memes 4 the masses

      Criticisms *exists* Ksi: “I’m not gonna accept that”

    10. Travis Zombeck

      yo jj i know this wont be seen but you have come a long way from where you were and you got good humor, talent, good boxer, great voice and personality....we only fail if we give up and honestly i havent seen the show cause im a new fan but ive seen videos where your fans are honest dicks. Keep yo head up and keep doing you

    11. Corbin Dallas

      I didn't get to see the show. But it sounds dope to me. I wish I could see it.

    12. Julia R. Thomas

      M a s k o f f w e b, are so the best

    13. Julia R. Thomas

      M a s k o f f w e b are so the best

    14. Matthew Migliaccio

      I feel so bad for jj I mean like you guys are really mean like it's his first time bro chill..........

    15. LR

      A virtual show is worth £12 at most. Your only watching it on a screen

    16. BigboyBlitzyツ

      Jj the goat ngl

    17. Tae Wl

      Bro your music is just not there I love ur vids but music your not that guy

      1. pp


    18. tunu leiato

      19 usd dollars ain’t really much tbh

    19. How 2 Kill Francis

      this side by side him ten years ago beating deji over horror games is apalling

      1. How 2 Kill Francis

        @Demi Priscilla i didn’t say anything negative tf

      2. Demi Priscilla

        watchgirls18. com I feel triggered by the amount of trash ish said to him. Surely it wasn’t the greatest show but I must say I’ve seen more crappy performances and shows held by much bigger celebrities. For big difference he actually cares about what fans have to say where other stars don’t even bother they get they money and dip. Show was great, album is great, and I really hope this drama about it stops already. Gotta appreciate stuff this dude does for us so stfu. GO JJ ❤️

    20. Pat Son

      05:26 Fam his money aint worth it 🤝🏽💪🏽

    21. Princess Lilian's Gardens

      You made a Good job of it. OVERHYPED ...Of course that's advertisemennt ...Who will not overhype will never make it.

    22. Shishir Raj Giri


    23. Arsenals true gunners

      Jk don’t listen to them, they’re just angry pricks, LOVE U JJ!!!!!! U did an amazing job

      1. I_like_children

        Love u too

    24. LivingLifeLikeMicah

      The day is a banger when JJ uploads.

    25. _vassilis_

      JJ, keep your head up, we love you

      1. I_like_children

        I love you

    26. Anjan Bansod

      Hey JJ don't be sad about it. You have evolved yourself and your content always gets better with time. Everybody loves you, this Quarantine would be much worse if I didn't have your videos to cheer me up 😊

    27. YB Ferguson

      14MILL LETS GO

      1. I_like_children


    28. De'Quinten Pritchard

      The show was good I watch it with my friend on roblox he said it was good

    29. Phahla Makoko

      I enjoyed and it was enjoyable like who could not enjoy a concert from their favorite HRaeror it's just it wasn't what they expected

    30. OppositeFox431

      Wait is this about the ROBLOX ksi concert bruh it was hilarious!!

      1. Toby Lowe

        No The KSI Show dude

    31. narsi. shabo

      to be honest why are ppl crying it was mad i mean i would rather watch it then listen justin beiber but jj if u added lose with the show or playlist then ppl woudl not cry or complain but ik its hard keep up the good work

    32. ChakClair 500

      i love how alot of people said that the performance wasn't worth the money, but wasn't it just $20?? this is literally his first major performance! you are lucky to even get in a major event for that price. Don't expect anymore performances like this from him worth that price, or to even get a chance to get into anything like this again with unlimited entry.

      1. Krut Gopani

        He technically earned more money than he put, and I wished that I didn’t buy the tickets, ppl like you are literally boot lickers, see their fav creators getting a bit sad, blame the audience

    33. GustarfX

      I don't understand why people are shitting on it so much, it was just kind of misleading but it was different and creative and turned out very decent in my opinion

    34. Eliotoe Pidgeotto

      People may not have enjoyed it to the extent that you thought they would. But you did put effort into it, and that’s more then what a lot of people can say about what they’ve done

    35. kell aegi bitu

      the ksi show was good it was better than expected and I am nit saying this out of pitty

    36. giannhs giannhs

      poor KSI lol

    37. Fresh George

      Cant believe people getting mad of 15£

    38. Naruto Namikaze

      I feel Bad for ksi he workt so hard on dis and he gets so much critisisam

    39. Akkbar

      You’re cool man. 👊

    40. Kayn

      It wasn't bad,you can say it's the extravaganza by joji but overhyped

    41. Juliana Aira Calunod


    42. rafael mejak

      yo yall dont gotta rub it in his face

    43. LOCKDOWN

      Live shows suck now performers/artists dont show true love and respect for the art when there up there

    44. LOCKDOWN

      Music sucks now once the 90s left everything went to shit music wise

    45. Darren James

      Feel really bad for jj, man put in so much effort and you can really see how much it hurts him, I guarantee he will come back stronger with the next one

    46. HunterX GOAT

      peoples forget that you're only a HRaeror and not a fucking concert maker

    47. ßane

      12:15 that acting alone was better than the whole show

    48. Nathan Muscat

      My boy got Annihilated and took it on the chin and pushed on. Most of us would have broken down and not posted this video. So props to you big fella.

    49. m. hassan

      Probs was a shit show (didn’t watch it myself) but at least you can learn from it cuz you’re still the most popular HRaero regardless

    50. BigLad God

      I loved it bro, don’t be sorry I’d pay triple the amount I was charged

    51. Ayo Malumz

      Hey man fuck them , I enjoyed everything you produce 🔥🔥

    52. Random Guy

      This just made me sad.

    53. Parsa Koolaji

      I didn't watch the show but no matter how bad it was, it's not right to roast the living hell out of JJ after all he done, all the managements planings and inviting different people. I was feeling the pain miles. Yes sure some issues should be adressed but man, i think people just WANT to be toxic. Keep your head up KSI.

    54. Mohith Manomohan

      Someone give that man a hug :/

    55. Mohith Manomohan

      Idk about the show but no other celebs would have the balls to do what you did in this video. Heads up champ!

    56. FBI


    57. Sloptimus_ prime

      8-10 pounds would be fair

    58. solidn6


    59. Interesting Fellow

      Why is ksi scared of cats that can consume you


      pff i was at the show and yea i didn't now what to do with my money sow yea great show lets go JJ

    61. Kytz Arackid

      joji's extravaganza

    62. quogus

      jj olatunji gg

    63. Sick0z

      Bruh u r just a legend, a LEGEND

    64. TheCulturedWeeb

      How’d he take down discord streams

    65. Tiaan Smith

      You took the burn on the chin fam, fans appreciate it. Thanks for this video! And keep going bro it's only going up. Gonna start HRaero now bro you've inspired.

    66. squiglio

      He just ends it :( he didn’t even say goodbye :((((

    67. It’s Cj

      Where my shirt at I watched the show

    68. Chad Hungerford

      He was on the verge of tears I swear

    69. Clout Uni

      it was fucking great

    70. Pepe froggy

      *POOH* seo fam

    71. Pepe froggy

      Yes it was and i didnt even watch 1 second of it i didnt know it existed but its Obviously trash since this video was made

    72. King

      I think the roblox KSI event is not even that bad , The music is actually really good tho , why everyone don't like it?

    73. FJ Price

      It wasn't bad, it just could have been better that's all

    74. Inv Backup


    75. BladZ% ———

      Jj: puts millions of pounds into his show to entertain his fans. The other 12yo fans: Cry because logon and him didn’t actually get to fight

      1. BladZ% ———

        @Sunwardmean516 1 honestly I thought everyone knew they weren’t going to actually fight cause it’s a 90 minute show but people still did

      2. Sunwardmean516 1

        Fr if people actually thought they were gonna fight they’re stupid

    76. David Pulgari

      It’s better to tell him the truth than just licking his ass every time he does an event, if what he does is good then it’s good but if it’s bad then it’s bad

    77. Chloe Ward

      ok but i loveddd the show, i didnt expect the skits i payed for the concert and guests so the skits was the bonus for me. If you didnt like the show keep that shit to yourself because thats embarassing

    78. Slug Round 245

      Can’t do anything but respect the effort but everybody stop sugar coating, this show was absolute garbage and should’ve been 5$

    79. Erwin Hutapea

      JJ, huge respect for what you did. I didn't watch or paid for your show, but watching you take all the shots from Redit, I just want to say.... take the L, but get up and be strong and do better. You are an awesome individual

    80. Hxmble Sxcks At 2k

      Don’t let this get to u the show was a w

    81. Monica Giamundo

      Your show is super cool

    82. Timothy Covert

      so people payed 18 for an hour of live music and complain

    83. Cassius Felix

      KSI getting violated

    84. CC Ink

      Idk how he thought that show was gunna be so amazing... maybe if it was just a concert sure but charge ppl to watch you sing on stage calling it a show just doesn't make sense

    85. Rezoel Pilar

      Well I’m just gunna go watch por-

    86. VeXXed

      Honestly JJ deserves a break. We love making fun of our fatneek but JJ had poured his heart and soul into it and so fucking what if it was 30 mins shorter doesn’t mean u go and take him out on that and make jokes ik jj said he can take it but honestly people shouldn’t rlly criticise him for it but respect to jj keep going and i’ll know u will reach peak GOAT big up jj 💙

    87. Dark SHADOW

      14:22 am dead

    88. thua han lu

      well for some reason your concert in roblox got banned

    89. Jj Randler

      Even Logan Paul has better apologizes out there tf 🤣. Sry it was horrific fail on his end so there no holding back on our ends I feel like it’s only FAIR as he said be FAIR so I shall.

    90. Spicy Taco

      Damn bro i really feel bad i think we went too far because sometimes you can hear his voice about to cry and its so sad im sorry jj

    91. JACKTUMBO universal


    92. Nagore Olatunji

      JJ's girlfriend's name is Nagore Benito

    93. Pojatar

      still was more entertaining than logan vs mayweather

    94. Its Noah Playz

      I am kinda sad because i git a copy right claim recroding it ):

    95. Cxda

      nxt time jj

    96. Drake Fernando

      Are you British

    97. Rhino

      You should go on tour

    98. Rake


    99. Sam Mccullough

      good on

    100. Yo Son

      A yo. What happened in this video? Half way into it he was still fighting on his own side but towards the end reddit convinced him.