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    Datum objavljivanja: Prije 4 mjeseci


    1. jessie bower

      i hope its ICE CUBE

    2. Dubk

      Mo you should of edited it out mo knowing he edited in ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

    3. Thomas 2K

      12:37 what’s the name of this website?

    4. Siddharth Palanki


      1. 17 Edden Fernandes


    5. Ajith Raja

      lil wayne

      1. 17 Edden Fernandes


    6. ThisIsSuchA_CreativeName

      6:19, is it just me that clicked the vid

      1. 17 Edden Fernandes


    7. Kieran Austin


    8. Ashish jha

      Last letter is e is that Jake 😂😂😂😂

    9. Yechiel Levy

      What video it was the one that he was singing in that weird Voice

    10. jordan me

      oh yeah yeah

    11. SKUZZY_ J

      Rod wave

    12. porn master

      1.9mil took 7 yrs for sidemen while pewds got 3 mil in 3 yrs

    13. PubzyD

      proof ksi is single ?

    14. Rahim Naeem

      lil wayne

    15. Aadarsh

      9:40 was soooo goooooooooodddd!! 🔥

    16. dn.

      13:10 Just Too Good.

    17. Sweetus

      Post Malone?

      1. Krut Gopani

        Lil wayne


      The mermaid girl might be his girlfriend........who knows

    19. Bogito_Bate

      Wait I'm the only one who I saw thinks it

    20. Bogito_Bate

      5:32 yo is it corpse, that will be unexpected af

      1. Krut Gopani

        Lil wayne

    21. Jack Tembo


    22. Yash Kejriwal

      lil wayne

    23. Edgar Jr Escoto

      17:10. My childhood is ruined

    24. exotic mutation

      Bro even that thick ass bandana cant hide your forehead


      As Japanese, I really appreciate the fact that he likes anime. Never thought he would mention the attack on Titan

    26. Risk3t

      sidemen mermaid girl

    27. Sudharshan Joseph

      16:30 0.25X Cursed!

    28. SkamLit

      12:35 ksi gone metal music ?

    29. Nicholas Chan

      Sidemen mermaid girl Xddddd

    30. rajiv mehta

      Nobody: Literally nobody: JJ : JEEEEEEE-SSSUUUUUSSS

    31. Nori.

      Post malone hehe.

    32. Dilip Rajpurohit

      You should do a song with lil wayne he is the og fam

    33. Nilaj Kothikar

      where the fuck is that crypto video he was talking about in the intro

    34. Bryce Neundorfer

      Lil Wayne

    35. hi

    36. WalterTheSnack

      1:47 did not age well whatsoever

    37. Txx Space

      Me after jj post KSI and Lil wanye and watch this vid again jj: his last name was E and his a rapper me: GG

    38. Football reels

      now i know where jj got his sense of humour from XDDD

    39. B_Aguilar Joachim Rylie M.

      Can someone please just do a 0.25 speed on this part 8:20 and send it to reddit

    40. HunterX GOAT

      ksi feat boywithuke

    41. xX_Weeb_Gaming_Xx

      Eren Olatunji

    42. xX_Weeb_Gaming_Xx

      Lil Me

    43. Jahmoy Grant

      " the last letter of his name is E " ...... meaning pop smoke

    44. Me Stinky

      Where is this crypto video?

    45. Koala Kay

      post malone drake ....

    46. om

      At 1.58 girls channel name

    47. Big fat stupid man

      16:21 Funny thing is that there is a scene in Dragon Ball Z where Vegeta breaks a punching machine. KSI is like Vegeta in this instance XD

    48. Gaming With Paribes

      If he made a song with Lil Wayne, he would definetly make a song with Travis!!!

      1. RYA10928

        i dont think its gonna happen unfortunately but lets hope

    49. Harry Swales

      That hairline is peaking out above the bandana

    50. Reeves70

      Anyone else here the voice crack at 5:30

    51. Kunal Tanwar

      now we all know it's Lil Wayne

    52. Long Xue

      I'll guess. Lil Wayne?

    53. The Great Papyrus

      8:20 at 0.25 speed

    54. GeoSlith

      Well we now know the Collab was with Lil Wayne, song was a banger tho

    55. Talal Jawed

      Lil Wayne

    56. Please Do It

      9:46 epilepsy warning fucking hell

    57. javier martinez

      Lil Wayne

    58. Jack


    59. Evil Juvenus

      1:30 this aged well lmaoooo

    60. Gabriella Pirozzi

      Guys he is working with howiE mandell

    61. unknownxkill

      HRaero keeps on unsubscribing me

    62. TNA Zasm

      J COLE

    63. Viru5

      Lil Wayne

    64. Aserzie

      lil wayne

    65. KI Ron

      E??? Pewdiepie? Nahhh

    66. Faheem Ahmed

      last letter of the name is E (LIL WAYNE)- (LOSE)official music video hraero.info/contact/022az4mGr9Cxr7I/video

    67. m7md 87

      sheeeesh 🌚😂

    68. Ibrahim Adel

      lil wayne

    69. mersar ultmit

      I am from the future... Your feature is... Lil E

    70. Adam idrissi

      So turns out it was lil wayne

    71. Emir Louis

      Last name of his letter is E: Me: Noo waay he's gonna make a song with Dr. Dre!

    72. Sage Shaw

      You were high on life 😂

    73. Cubing Greek

      9:06 13:00

    74. admirfns


    75. max

      Let’s watch this

    76. Ben Siskey


    77. randomuser64

      "The last letter of his name is E" Biggie Cheese intensifies

    78. Madden Tre

      7:01 well.....

      1. Sylde


    79. Julian Acevedo

      It’s drakE or lil waynE

    80. Yousef

      6:23 my dumbass started clickin the videos

    81. Stimpy

      Coming back I am sad cause it was so obviously lil Wayne

    82. youngmello 32

      ksi your forehead is peaking out of your bandanna fix it man

    83. Sølve Wiblemo

      Its fair to say that literally NOBODY expected lil wayne

      1. Bryce Freed

        i did

    84. M416 Killer

      bandana looking kind of messed.

    85. YNDom

      Is the feature Kanye? Are you on DONDA?

      1. admirfns

        lil wayne

    86. Exx0

      So it was lil Wayne

    87. Krish Soni

      Spoiler alert, it's Lil Wayne

    88. Manvir Thind

      Drake let’s goooooo

    89. ProSoccer228

      Little Wayne

    90. Burgzy

      Wasn’t expecting the feature to be Lil Wayne

    91. Liam G.

      ''The last letter of his name is E'' Oh, so Pop Smoke oh.....wai-

    92. Magmadoze

      We didn't get the crypto video yet...

    93. RyanOut

      'The last letter of his name is E'' Lil Wayne

    94. The untold king of fortnite

      his name is lil wayne

    95. what

      Post Malone?

    96. KdaGoat

      Lil Wayne

    97. Jack Strainer

      "Last letters of His name is E" Philippines Rappers: "Andrew E"

    98. ErenTheGamerGirl


    99. E.L Tutorials

      Lil Wayne

    100. Jj: wanna diss me huh lets see ur monthly listers